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Make The Most Out Of Your Pool This Winter

Florida is the Sunshine State, but locals know it can get pretty chilly in Kathleen, Lakeland, and surrounding Polk County communities during our cooler winter season. So, you may feel... Read more

Things To Consider When Buying A Home With A Pool

Pools can be a great addition to a home, providing a place to cool off, relax, and have fun. However, there are several things to consider before buying a home... Read more

What to do if your Vinyl Pool Liner is Wrinkled

Vinyl pool liners are invaluable. They prevent leaks, beautify the pool and prevent mold and algae growth but one problem you may be familiar with is wrinkles. You don’t have... Read more

The Most Essential Swimming Pool Tools

Having a swimming pool is a great way to have convenient fun for the whole family but it’s not all fun and games. Swimming pools take consistent maintenance to keep... Read more

How to Winterize Your Pool Filter

Cooler weather is here and if you live in a cold climate and haven’t yet considered winterizing your pool, now is the time. Winterizing refers to the process of preparing... Read more

When Is A Good Time To Close My Pool?

Once the kids are back in school and the weather starts to change, your pool probably sits empty most if not all of the time. Should you go ahead and... Read more

Fall Pool Maintenance

Although our weather during this time of year sometimes lends itself to continued use of our pools, fall is officially here. That means it’s time for your annual fall pool... Read more

How and When To Winterize Your Inground Pool

The winter months are coming, and soon we’ll be trading sunny days at the pool for cold days by the fire. If you have an inground pool in your yard,... Read more

Ending the Summer with Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but summer is nearing its end. The leaves are beginning to fall, and you may notice that the water... Read more

Best Pool Toys For Kids

If you’re taking your kids to the pool this summer, you’ll need plenty of exciting toys to keep them engaged. Not only are pool toys fun to use, but they... Read more

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