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One Month Free Pool Cleaning Service After 6 Months

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Your pool is a backyard getaway but not much of an escape without dedicated professional pool services to provide ongoing maintenance. Routine pool cleaning is essential in Florida, where harmful bacteria will appear without it. Keeping up with cleaning helps cut other costs of pool maintenance by reducing the need for pool repairs.

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The following tasks are included in weekly pool cleaning services:

  • Test water and perform an analysis
  • Balance water by adding appropriate chemicals
  • Add sanitizers, as needed
  • Check equipment, including pump and filters
  • Lubricate O rings, when needed
  • Check automation and/or salt system, making any needed adjustments
  • Backwash or clean filtration system, as needed
  • Clean pump and skimmer baskets
  • Skim surface of pool with net
  • Brush pool walls and steps
  • Clean tile around pool
  • Vacuum pool weekly
  • Drain or add water to achieve proper level

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