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Electric Pool Heaters

Pool owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout the Polk County area rely on Pool Works for all of their pool needs, including supplies such as pool heaters. Rheem offers an innovative electric heat pump that cuts utility costs. Rheem heat pumps also provide an effective way to heat your pool in the off seasons and keep your water refreshingly cool in summer.

lakeland fl heat pump pool supplies

Homeowners and business owners get the most out of their swimming pools with a reliable heat pump. Many pool owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County have discovered that the Rheem brand of heat pump can efficiently heat their pools when it’s cold outside and cool the pool when it’s hot. Although pool heaters by Rheem are electric heat pumps, they don’t consume nearly as much energy as other types on the market. A pool is a benefit year around, as long as you have the right pool heater, and Rheem has been a trusted manufacturer of pool heaters since 1997.

Incredible Efficiency

The beauty of a pool heater from Rheem is that the heat pump makes it easy for you to enjoy your pool in virtually any weather, without causing a big spike in utility costs. The efficiency rating of a Rheem heat pump is unbelievably 600%! While it is hard to believe, it’s true. The secret is in the brilliant way the units operate. “The bulk of the BTU output comes from the heat energy extracted from the air,” is the way Rheem explains it.

Benefits of extending your swim season

Your swimming pool is an asset in numerous ways. While it does increase the value of your home, the benefits of using the pool are even greater. The following are among many compelling reasons to contact Pool Works today for installation of a heat pump from Rheem, so that your pool is available for swimming year-around:

Swimming may not seem like vigorous exercise, compared to something such as jogging, but it is. In one hour, a casual swim burns about 500 calories. If you swim vigorously for an hour, you can burn up to 700 calories. There is an element of resistance throughout the entire workout, since water is almost 800 times denser than air. Every push, pull, or kick reaps benefits. The parts of your body that get the best workout when swimming include your core, arms, hips, shoulders, and glutes.

We take pride in providing exceptional pool services at Pool Works because we know that swimming has many hidden benefits. One of them is that swimming on a regular basis improves cognitive skills and memory function. This can help with classroom learning and with staying sharp as we grow older. Inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain are reduced by regular exercise, fostering new brain cell growth. The brain is also able to think more efficiently because swimming reduces stress and anxiety and gives your mood a cheerful boost.

Contact Pool Works Today For A Pool Heater

Florida is the perfect place to enjoy year-around swimming, as long as you have a reliable pool heater. Many pool owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County recommend Rheem heat pumps because of their reliability and efficiency. To learn more, contact our skilled pool technicians at Pool Works today.


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