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Professional Pool Care

At Pool Works, we provide exceptional pool cleaning, pool maintenance, and pool repair services for our Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL.

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At Pool Works, we specialize in providing professional pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair for our customers in Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL. Because of the amount of work required for continued pool cleaning and needed upkeep, we recommend that pool owners relax and leave maintenance to us. We also have a pool store, where we carry all of the supplies needed for do-it-yourself pool care. The following are tips for pool care and steps on how to clean and maintain your pool.

Pool Care Supplies

The right supplies are needed for proper pool care. At Pool Works, we carry all of the required equipment, tools, and supplies. The following are some supplies needed for quality pool care:

  • A skimmer net or leaf skimmer is a net attached to a telescopic pole. This essential tool is useful for removing debris, such as leaves, from the pool’s surface.
  • A pool brush is used to clean the steps, ladders, and sides of your pool.
  • A pool vacuum is an important piece of cleaning equipment for pool care. Many pool owners in Lakeland FL use Maytronics brand robotic pool cleaners, which we keep in stock at our Pool Works store. Another option is a manual pool vacuum, which costs less but doesn’t provide the same level of benefit.
  • Chemicals are needed to keep the water free of algae and harmful bacteria. The chemicals are hazardous, however. Cautious storage and handling of chlorine and other chemicals is an extremely important issue. It is essential that children not have access to pool chemicals.
  • Additional supplies are needed, as parts become damaged or wear out. A pool filter is a part of the pool system that usually needs replacement most often.

Tips For Do-It-Yourself Pool Care

Most steps for pool maintenance in Lakeland FL are needed weekly and others are required less frequently but are equally important. See below, to learn how to clean and maintain your pool:

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  • At least every week, skim the surface of the pool, to remove debris. Depending on how many trees may be in the area dropping leaves and other potential factors, skimming may be needed every few days.
  • Empty the pool skimmer basket. All of the debris needs to be removed, which may require a hose. Do not bang the skimmer basket against a hard surface, since it can become damaged too easily.
  • Watch the water level in your pool. More water needs to be added, once the level gets too low. You know it’s time to add water, if it goes below the level of the skimmer.
  • Test water for chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Add more chlorine and/or acid, as needed, to keep the balance of the pool chemistry at the correct level. (Of course, you’ll need to know more detailed information for this step, and our Pool Works experts can help.)
  • Brush the sides of the pool, the steps, and the ladder each week.
  • Vacuum the floor of your pool weekly. If you have a robotic pool cleaner, it will vacuum for you on the floor as well as the walls. The automatic cleaner provides efficiency and the benefit of removing more microscopic dirt, helping pool parts last longer.
  • Check the pool filter each week, to be sure it’s not clogged. Clean it or replace it, as needed.

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If you are a pool owner in Lakeland FL, or Polk County, we hope you will relax and enjoy it, leaving pool cleaning and maintenance to us. If you want to know how to clean and maintain your pool yourself, we can help. Call us today at (863) 967-2863 or use our contact form! We also have all of the pool supplies you need at our well-stocked Pool Works store.

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