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Pool Repair & Maintenance

Pool Works is the company trusted for dependable pool repair among homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County FL. When pool equipment needs repair, the situation may be hazardous until pool repairs are done. It’s important to call on experts such as the trained technicians at Pool Works. 

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Pools can be extremely durable, when well-maintained. The need for pool repairs will eventually arise, however, for homeowners in Lakeland FL and throughout Polk County FL. For decades, Pool Works has been the trusted source for expert pool repairs at affordable prices. Malfunctioning pool equipment can endanger swimmers. If the water isn’t being filtered properly, for example, the water could become stagnant and filled with bacteria. Among the potential bacteria that develop in a pool is E. coli, which can cause uncomfortable illness.

Preventative Maintenance and Pool Repairs

When you have experts handling ongoing pool care, preventative maintenance services are included. Our skilled technicians at Pool Works are able to identify issues that may not be apparent. The following components of the pool system that can be monitored and repaired before worse problems occur include the following:

  • Pool filters
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool lights
  • Pool plumbing
  • Pool heaters

Relax and Let Pool Works Handle Repairs

A swimming pool is packed with benefits. Our goal at Pool Works is to keep your pool in top condition so that it can be accessed any day of the year. The following are a few of many benefits of a swimming pool:

  • With a swimming pool, exercise is accessible to everyone, since swimming is easy on the joints.
  • With consistent swimming and proper technique, swimming can be a heart-healthy activity.
  • Swimming can help to build endurance that can sustain you when participating in other strenuous activities.
  • All of the muscles in your body are utilized simultaneously when you swim, which means your core is strengthened.
  • Swimming helps to build longer, leaner muscles, which boosts metabolism and burns calories longer.

lakeland fl and polk county pool repair experts

Your pool is our priority. Our technicians can dependably repair automatic cleaners, chlorinators, filters, and handle any other potential problems that arise. Many of our customers bring pool parts in for repair or replacement. The following are some of the reasons Lakeland FL homeowners and business owners contact us at Pool Works for pool repairs:

  • The pool is losing water.
  • Reduced suction.
  • The pump is noisy.
  • The pump has seized up.
  • The pump won’t start.
  • The chlorinator has reduced output.
  • There are no readings on the chlorinator.
  • The pool heater is not working.
  • The automatic cleaner isn’t moving.

Contact Pool Works for Pool Repairs

Pool Works is relied on for providing exceptional pool repairs for homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County. Contact us today for help with preventative maintenance and for any pool repairs you need.

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