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Green Pool Clean-Up

Pool Works is routinely relied upon by realtors and bankers handling foreclosed properties to clean unsightly green pools. Pools are meant to have nice, clear water. Green water is an indication that the pool is dirty and there has been significant growth of algae as a result of lack of maintenance. The best way to prevent algae is with ongoing pool care from a professional pool service. In Lakeland FL, and Polk County, Pool Works is the most trusted pool company, after decades of service.

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At Pool Works, we LOVE to clean pools! Many times, realtors and bankers with foreclosed properties in Lakeland FL,and throughout Polk County rely on us to tackle green pool clean-up. Our skilled technicians tackle green pools filled with algae on a regular basis, sometimes draining them in order to give tile and walls a proper cleaning. It doesn’t take long for a neglected pool to begin turning green, which is one of the major reasons professional pool cleaning from Pool Works is so in demand.

What Makes Pools Turn Green?

When pool water turns green, it is usually the result of the presence of algae. Algae spores are introduced to a pool through a variety of ways, including through rain, dirt, wind, and even on swimsuits and swimmers’ bodies. It’s not possible to prevent algae spores from entering a pool. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance will, however, prevent microscopic spores from becoming algae blooms that turn your pool water green. Poor sanitation practices, low pH levels, and lack of proper cleaning result in the rapid growth of algae. Non-moving water tends to collect bacteria, which can also change pool color.

Are Algae Hazardous To A Swimmer’s Health?

Swimming in a pool with algae makes the skin feel slimy as a result of algae attaching to the swimming garment and body. Contact with algae is not dangerous, and it can easily be washed off with soap and water. It’s best to wash swimsuits in hot water so that there is no cross- contamination.

When algae aren’t eliminated with proper pool maintenance, it begins to coat every underwater surface. The stairs, ladders, walls, and pool floor become hazardous because they are so slippery. Accidental falls resulting in injuries and even drowning can easily occur.

Another danger with algae is that it clouds water, making it more difficult to see if someone is underwater and in need of help.

The presence of algae in a pool attracts and promotes growth of harmful bacteria, including E. coli.

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Algae Cleanup

One of the steps in effectively cleaning algae from a pool is identifying the stage algae growth is in. You may have light green algae, dark green algae, or black green algae. The more algae in the pool water, the darker the color green. If an algae infestation is bad enough, the pool water can appear almost black. Different treatments are needed, depending on the specific conditions of the pool.

Getting rid of green algae involves using an effective pool brush that will scrub the algae off of the floor, walls, and steps of the pool. A steel brush is used for a concrete pool, and a nylon swimming pool brush is best for a vinyl pool.

Algaecide is a chemical treatment that kills algae, and it can be used as part of green pool cleanup. Giving your swimming pool a double shock is a standard approach to a green pool. Our professional pool techs know the right balance of chemicals to achieve the level of shock needed, to kill algae.

Once the algae are dead, they can easily be cleaned because they become soft and fluffy. If a filter is used for vacuuming, it should be set to “waste.”  Pool filters must be cleaned after all algae are cleaned out. Otherwise, the algae can begin blooming again.

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We specialize in pool cleaning at Pool Works. Pool owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County trust us to tackle green pool cleanup when the water has become terribly unsightly. In addition to cleaning green pools, we provide exceptional pool maintenance, pool repair, and pool renovation. 

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