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Pool Services In Lakeland, FL

Pool Works has provided professional pool services to residents in Lakeland and all of Polk County for more than 30 years. Our ongoing training and professional standing as members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FCPA) provide assurance that we are serious about providing quality pool services and we are qualified for what we do. But we mostly just love to keep pools sparkling clean.

When you and your family swim, we want you to be able to enjoy warmth in the sun and the refreshment of jumping into a clean pool. We will keep your pool safe, inviting, and free of harmful water-borne bacteria that could affect your health.

water testing pool in lakeland fl

Weekly Pool Service

Servicing a pool in Lakeland is a lot more than skimming off surface debris and vacuuming the pool floor. That’s why the best way to maintain a safe, healthy swimming pool throughout the year is with a professional pool service. Each of our pool service technicians is a certified professional who stays informed of the current best practices in pool safety through continuing education.

Once you subscribe to weekly pool service with Pool Works, the following are among the important services the pool technician will perform: Water testing, which is the most vital of all pool services; checking the drains, pool pump, skimmer, and filter; and providing other maintenance duties, as needed.

Water Testing

The quality of your pool water can be affected by humidity, evaporation, rain, and normal pool use. When providing weekly pool services, the technician will test a small sample of pool water for its acidity, alkalinity, and calcium levels. Based on the test results, our technician will add whichever chemicals are needed to restore perfect balance to the chemistry of your pool water, to ensure comfort and safety for swimmers.

professional pool cleaning and debris removal in lakeland fl

Removing Debris

The heart of the entire pool system is the pool pump. The pump is a necessary piece of equipment that your pool requires in order to provide a safe swimming environment. When providing your weekly pool service, our technician will ensure that the function of the pool pump is not impeded.  The drain, skimmer, and filter will be cleared of any debris that could cause the system to become clogged. When necessary, a backwash of the system will be performed. If the technician detects problems with the pump, repairs will be recommended. Lakeland homeowners save time and money and avoid more costly problems by ensuring that the pump is maintained in good working order and replaced, as needed.


Vacuuming the pool is part of our weekly pool service. The technician uses an industrial strength water vacuum and gives the entire pool a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. The pool walls are cleaned and any debris or dirt that has collected on the bottom is removed.

We have been keeping pools sparkling clean in Lakeland for decades. It’s more than a job we love – it’s tradition.

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