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Pool Water Features

Our stunning water features are an excellent way to increase the value of your pool renovation and create an inviting poolscape. Whether you want a simple remodel or a complete renovation, you can choose from a wide array of water features. These impressive displays recycle the pool water to create a dramatic effect without increasing your water costs. They can even be illuminated for an exciting evening performance. Here are some of our most popular water features to consider for your pool renovation:

Pool water feature installation in Lakeland & Plant City, FL

Sheer Descent

The Sheer Descent is a captivating water wall. A thin sheet of water appears to be floating down the wall of the pool without splashing or running down any surface. The sheer descent can be silent or set to produce sounds like those of a waterfall. You can also include several sheer descents or combine with other water features for incredible visual displays.

Pool water features available in Bartow & Winter Haven, FL


The waterfall is one of the most popular water features. It features rippling water flowing over a surface gliding into the pool. You can choose from different designs like rock walls, natural stoneworks, and other themes to create a unique waterfall feature. For something fun and exciting, bubblers or gushers can also be installed to mimic a river-rafting experience. Your friends, family, and guests will enjoy swimming around the mesmerizing waterfall as the water cascades into the pool.

Pool water features available in Lakeland & Bartow, FL

Pool Fountains

Adding a fountain gives your pool renovation that extra pizzazz. Pool fountains are an exciting feature, and you can choose whether you want it poolside or floating.You can enhance the appearance further with a spectacular nighttime illumination. It will be sure to bring a unique decorative touch to your poolscape.

The lighting colors can be adjusted depending on the atmosphere and mood you want to create.Pool fountains are available in various sizes and shapes, including multiple tiers, cascading waterfalls, and other appealing designs.

Pool Deck Jets

Pool Deck jets are a surefire way to add fun and excitement to your pool experience. The jets shoot arched streams of water from the deck into the swimming pool. LED lights automatically change colors creating a dazzling nighttime water show.

These are just a few examples of the many stunning visual effects we can create for a truly unique pool renovation experience. There are virtually unlimited choices, so let your inspirations go wild. Give us a call, and we will create your dream pool.

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