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Pool Remodeling & Refinishing

Pool Works provides exceptional pool remodeling services in Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL. We are a family-owned company with three generations of experience and devotion to homeowners and business owners in the area who need pool care, including pool remodeling.

Our pool remodeling services at Pool Works can provide you with the pool upgrade you dream of. You may need pool remodeling because your pool has developed cracks or stains on the pool floor. Many homeowners in Lakeland FL as well as throughout Polk County FL are excited to create an exotic backyard with new water features and lighting in their pool. We offer fully customized pool remodeling, from finishes, coping, and tile to water features, lighting, and pool decking. Our creative teams will provide expert pool remodeling services from start to finish, whether a few cosmetic repairs or a total pool remodel is needed.

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lakeland fl pool paver prosReasons for a Pool Remodel

A swimming pool is an asset that can potentially benefit your health, provide opportunities to build and strengthen relationships, and increase your home value. There are many reasons pools are remodeled, including the following:

  • The pool is completely outdated. When a pool isn’t luxurious, it’s a costly hassle. Your pool can be completely reinvented and transformed into a resort quality pool with a change in interior resurfacing, tiles, lighting, liner, and other alterations.
  • The pool isn’t ideal for children. Safety is a top reason homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County call on us at Pool Works for pool remodeling. You may need to install more secure fencing around the pool. This is a measure that is extremely important when children between 1 and 4 are in the residence. The entire style of a pool is sometimes altered, so that children can freely play without getting into water that’s too deep.
  • Add fun water features. Innovation has continued to improve the options homeowners in Lakeland FL have for pool remodeling. Many fun water features that can be added that will make your pool more of an inviting getaway. From water arches to dramatic waterfalls, there are limitless possibilities.
  • Improve efficiency. New pool systems are more efficient. For example, sometimes a homeowner or business owner in Lakeland FL can save up to 75% on their pumping bill by replacing an outdated pool pump.

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At Pool Works, we are a company providing the full range of cleaning and pool maintenance services, including pool remodeling Lakeland FL. Our pool experts can give you many creative ideas for landscaping and remodeling your pool. Whatever the size of your pool remodeling budget, we can deliver on your request. Throughout the pool remodeling process, we will communicate with you and ensure satisfaction with the project.

Contact us at Pool Works today for quality pool remodeling services.

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