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Chlorination Systems

A chlorination system is needed to keep a pool safe for swimming and controlling the growth of algae. Pool Works maintains traditional chlorine systems and salt systems for homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County FL.

chlorination system repairs in lakeland fl

The chlorination system in your pool is an essential component that keeps your pool water clean and safe to use. Pool owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL trust Pool Works to properly maintain their chlorination systems. You may have a traditional chlorine system or a salt system. Either way, our experts have exceptional skill in ensuring that pool chlorination systems are operating properly and giving swimmers protection and providing pool water that is pleasant for swimming.

Why Is Chlorine Important?

Pools easily become contaminated. Outdoor pools are impacted by a wide range of environmental factors, including:

  • Rain that contains microscopic algae spores
  • Bacteria, which thrives most as a result of the presence of algae
  • Windblown dust
  • Debris
  • Incoming water from unsanitary sources

Indoor pools are less susceptible to contamination. However, the water can still be contaminated by algae spores on clothes and skin, cosmetic substances, saliva, human sweat, urine, and other undesirable substances.

The water we swim in needs to by hygienic, which is where pool chlorination systems come in. Chlorine is the perfect agent for decontamination of a pool. Chlorine in the form of hypochlorous ions or hypochlorous acid attacks the lipids in the cell walls of microorganisms such as bacteria. The job chlorine does of wiping out algae and bacteria so that water is safe for swimming is exceptional.

Isn’t Chlorine An Irritating Agent?

Chlorine does have potential drawbacks that can be diminished with professional pool care. Down sides of chlorine are a distinctive smell that can be sharp and unpleasant, creating itchiness on skin, and causing swimsuits and sometimes even hair to change color. Chlorine in large quantities can be hazardous to human health, causing breathing problems and other symptoms.

One of the top roles of our professional technicians who maintain pools in Lakeland FL and throughout the area is to maximize the benefits of chlorine while ensuring that human health is not in any way compromised.

Pool chlorination systems in Lake Wales & Bartow FL

Pros & Cons Of Traditional Chlorine Systems

The two choices for pool chlorination are the traditional chlorine system and a salt water system. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Traditional Chlorine Systems

  •  Affordable
  • Less expensive to install

Cons of Traditional Chlorine Systems

  • Chlorine in tablet or liquid form can be hazardous to store and transport

Salt systems for pools available in Lakeland & Winter Haven FL

Pros and Cons of Salt Water Systems

Salt water systems provide a more natural-feeling environment, but they have other advantages as well as some negatives.

Pros of Salt Water Systems

  • More gentle on the skin and eyes
  • Safer, with less health risks (as compared to storage and transport of traditional chlorine)
  • Has a feel of soft water
  • Maintenance is easier because the salt cell produces chlorine as needed

Cons of Salt Water Systems

  • More expensive, including a hefty initial investment (though ongoing costs could comparatively end up potentially saving money)
  • Maintenance is more complex

Chlorination System Maintenance With Pool Works

Pool Works provides appropriate maintenance for pool owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County FL, whether they have a traditional chlorine system or a salt water system. Pool care differs significantly, depending on which system you have. Pool Works technicians have the expertise to make sure pools with both types of chlorination systems stay clean and safe.

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