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Pool Renovation

Many homeowners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL, have trusted Pool Works for pool renovations, including coatings, coping, tile, pool decks, adding exciting water features, and much more. Our technicians are known for their professionalism, reliability, and expertise.

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Pool Works has been helping homeowners and business owners with pool renovations for decades, in Lakeland FL, and Polk County. Our third-generation family business continues to be devoted to providing exceptional pool services. The creative teams at Pool Works are always happy to work with pool owners on their pool project, from beginning to finish.

It could be that you need little more than a few cosmetic repairs, such as dealing with stains on the pool floor or cracks in the pool. We can help with these issues, complete pool renovation, and everything in between. The fully customized pool renovation we offer includes coping, finishes, tile, pool decks, pool replastering and coatings.

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Reasons for Pool Renovation

One thing a swimming pool should always be is available for use, but sometimes it is not as inviting as it could be. There are many benefits to swimming, and it’s good to schedule pool renovations when they are needed to encourage the healthy activity. The following are among numerous reasons a pool upgrade may be needed:

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  • Our major pool renovations in Lakeland FL can involve replastering, new tile work and pool deck pavers. Our experts are creative professionals who can help you narrow down and ultimately settle on one of many options. Our Pool Works technicians can achieve the pool landscaping of your dreams.

  • Many times, pool renovation in Lakeland FL involves both pool design and landscaping. Our experts are creative professionals who can help you narrow down and ultimately settle on one of countless options. Our Pool Works technicians can achieve the pool landscaping of your dreams.
  • A pool requires significant upkeep and maintenance, which becomes little more than a burden when the pool has become outdated and unappealing. Pool Works can transform and completely reinvent your pool to resort quality. Pool renovation may involve a change of lighting, tiles, lining, interior surfacing, and many other possible alterations.
  • Many Lakeland FL, and Polk County residents and business owners seek pool renovation in order to make a pool safer for children. Virtually all pool features can be completely changed, and it may involve considerations related to child safety. A pool with a deep end, for example, could be updated so that children can swim without going in above their heads on either end.
  • A swimming pool may be very inefficient, which can mean utility costs are much higher than necessary. A change involving a new, efficient pool system can ultimately cut costs.
  • There are many exciting ways to upgrade your pool with water features. Contact Pool Works for a pool renovation that will transform your pool into a welcoming getaway.

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Pool renovation from Pool Works will provide you with the upgrade you envision. The creativity of our pool technicians has benefited many homeowners and businesses in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County. Whether your budget is small or large, we can provide just the kind of expert assistance you’re looking for. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and our technicians always maintain a high level of communication throughout any pool renovation project.

For quality pool renovation services, contact us at Pool Works today.

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