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Salt Chlorine Generator System

Pool Works provides the full gamut of pool services for homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County FL. Many pool owners have asked, why switch to salt chlorine generator systems? We not only have helpful answers but can also make the switch from a traditional chlorine system to a salt system.

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Pool Works provides the answer to the common question among pool owners, “Why switch to salt chlorine generator systems?” Our hope for all of our customers in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County FL is that they will get maximum enjoyment from their pools. Salt chlorine generators provide many advantages. The upfront cost is higher but over the life of the equipment, it’s less expensive to use a salt system.

What is a salt chlorine generator system?

A salt chlorine generator system converts salt into chlorine. The chemical reaction is achieved with an electrolytic converter. The chlorine produced does the job of killing algae and bacteria, but the way it’s done is starkly different. One aspect of the salt chlorine generator system that improves the experience of swimming is that the bad smell and burning irritation often associated with chlorine doesn’t occur in a salt pool. The salt generator adds chlorine at the right amount continuously, displacing uncomfortable side effects.

The fact that dangerous chemical liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets no longer need to be purchased, stored, or handled is a significant benefit to having a salt pool in Lakeland FL. Personal injury risks are associated with handling chlorine, including potential health risks caused by accidental contact.

Buying salt is very cheap, especially compared to buying chlorine. The ongoing cost is significantly different, especially because the salt is used over and over, continuously. Salt needs to be added occasionally as a result of rain, splash-out, and filter back-washing.

Maintenance of a salt chlorine generator system

Maintenance is less demanding for salt chlorine generator systems than for traditional chlorine systems. Salinity levels in the water need to be maintained. Water balance of chlorine, pH, and alkalinity needs monitoring and adjustment. There needs to be an adequate level of cynuric acid in the pool. Cynuric acid is also known as conditioner or stabilizer. As mentioned in above paragraph, additional salt is usually needed only occasionally.

The electrolytic cell in the salt water system needs to be cleaned regularly. The electrochemical reactions that continuously occur cause fouling and deterioration of the plates, over time. Plates eventually need to be replaced, once they have deteriorated beyond the ability to perform acceptably.

salt chlorine generator install in lakeland fl Why Switch to Salt Chlorine Generator Systems?

  • The water is soft and pleasant on the skin.
  • Skin doesn’t get dried out from swimming.
  • Eyes don’t burn.
  • Bathing suits aren’t bleached out.
  • Money is saved, especially with a smart water chemistry feature.
  • No need to ever buy, transport, store, or handle chlorine.
  • The experience of swimming in a pool with a salt chlorine generator system is preferred by 95% of swimmers, according to extensive research.

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