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Pool Resurfacing

Pool replastering is one of the quality services Pool Works provides to homeowners in Lakeland FL and all of Polk County. Pool plastering is needed as a result of various erosive effects over the course of years.

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Pool Works offers exceptional pool replastering and pool resurfacing services, which pool owners need about every 10 to 20 years. The frequency at which pool plastering is needed depends on the type of existing plastering and the elements that contribute to corrosion. Properly cleaning and maintaining a pool is the best way to extend the life of your pool’s surface.

Corrosive elements in a pool that affect plastering

The number of years your pool plastering maintains a good appearance depends on how well corrosive factors are kept under control. Pools can be constantly exposed to elements that eat away at the pool equipment and pool surfaces. The following are a few of the most common culprits that cause pool plaster corrosion:

  • The level of chlorine in your pool is very important for various reasons, including the overall life of your pool. High chlorine levels have a corrosive effective on pool liners solar covers, pool covers, and plastering.
  • Cleaning the pool of leaves and other lawn debris is about more than ensuring a pleasant swimming experience. There are acids and tannins in these elements of nature, and they can cause damage to your pool surfaces. Debris from trees and grass can cause an imbalance in the pH or alkalinity levels. Leaves also introduce phosphates and other micro-contaminants to the pool water, which consumes the pool sanitizer and becomes food for algae.
  • Pool plaster can be stained and damaged by water with low pH, low alkalinity, and low calcium hardness. The balance of the chemicals in your pool water is an essential component of continuous pool care.

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Pool Works, for expert pool resurfacing

When pool plaster becomes pitted and old due to pool chemicals and other factors, homeowners in Lakeland FL call on our professional pool technicians at Pool Works. By leaving the job of pool replastering and weekly pool cleaning to our knowledgeable experts, you are assured the longest possible life of your  pool’s surfaces.

You have a variety of options for the type of plaster finish to be applied to your pool, including the color. White is still the most popular pool color. Other options include pebble brown, blue, various shades of gray, and greenish blue.

The least expensive pool plaster is a mix of cement and marble dust, referred to as marcite, whitecoat, or simply pool plaster, depending on region of the U.S. you’re in. These components are mixed with water and bonding additive, sprayed onto the prepared pool surface, and troweled for a smooth finish. Dye can be added to the mix to produce a dramatic effect. There is no guarantee, however, that there will be a nice uniformity in the color of the pool. Another issue with dying pool plaster is that the normal whitish haze that develops over time will show, whereas it doesn’t affect appearance on white plaster.

replastering pool services in lakeland fl and bartow fl Pool replastering options also include adding the following elements to the basic mix of concrete and marble dust:

  • Quartzite – Colored quartz chips which are, in essence, ceramic coated sand, can providea additional visual interest and durability to your pool. Quartz and silica are both considerably harder substances than marble and have better resistance to chemical deterioration. The colors in quartzite hide surface imperfections and keep the pool floor looking better, since debris and dirt are less visible.
  • Pozzolans – This additive doesn’t alter color or texture of the plaster but does better preserve it. With pozzolans added to your pool replastering, the finish is smoother and longer-lasting.
  • Pebbles – Pea gravel-sized river pebbles can also be added to pool plastering, for even greater durability.

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Pool Works is the most trusted pool company in Lakeland FL and all of Polk County. Pool cleaning is our specialty, and our technicians are fully trained in every aspect of pool maintenance, pool repair, and pool replastering. Contact Pool Works today for expert pool replastering.


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