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Pool Pump Installation

Pool Works technicians provide services for every brand of pool pump used by pool owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County. Pool pumps can affect the cost of owning a pool more than any other pool component. Pool Works also offers quality pool supplies, including pool pumps by Hayward and Pentair.

Pool Works sells and installs Hayward, Pentair, and Black + Decker pool pumps and provides repair services for all brands. Customers in Lakeland FL, and Polk County looking for ways to cut the cost of pool ownership often find that a more efficient pool pump is often the answer.

What Does A Pool Pump Do?

Pool pumps are essential pool components that ensure proper sanitation of pool water. Pool Works provides expert pool pump installation of Hayward and Pentair pumps as well as pool repair and maintenance for pool pumps of every brand used by our Lakeland FL customers. The following are important functions of pool pumps:

  • Pool pumps circulate the water inside the pool, creating constant motion, which is important for keeping the pool clean.
  • Pool pumps prevent water-borne illness.
  • They keep germs and bacteria out of your pool.
  • Pumps keep pools clean.
  • Pumps ensure that chemicals function the way they’re supposed to in the pool.

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Efficient Pool Pumps Can Help Cut High Utility Costs

Outdated single-speed pool pumps that run continuously are inefficient, and they waste energy. More efficient models, such as those available from Hayward and Pentair, can greatly cut costs.

Laws have been passed in Florida which require efficient pool pumps to be used. In general, all new pool pumps installed that are 1 horsepower or greater must now be a two-speed pump or have a variable speed motor. The new requirements involve a higher cost upfront. Over time, however, the pumps pay for themselves, due to utility cost savings.

Benefits Of 2-Speed Pumps

Before the laws changed in Florida, single speed pool pumps were most commonly used because of the initial cost savings. There are many benefits to choosing one of the types of pumps that are now required for pools with 1 horsepower pumps or larger. The following are a few benefits of a 2-speed pool pump:

  • Your pool stays cleaner and healthier because of the increased turnover of the water.
  • The need for adding additional chemicals is reduced because the filtering system works more efficiently. Chemicals and temperature are mixed evenly throughout the pool.
  • Chemical and energy costs are both reduced.

pool pump, lake walesBenefits Of A Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Many homeowners in Lakeland FL prefer variable-speed pumps and recognize that they cut costs most, though they are also the most expensive upfront. The following are some of the many benefits of a Hayward variable-speed pool pump from our Pool Works supply store:

  • The poolside environment is quieter, thanks to the noise-reduction feature.
  • They are more energy efficient than other pool pumps, at every speed.
  • The motors are heavy-duty and deliver efficient, quiet, and cool operation.
  • The cost savings of using a variable-speed pump as compared with a single-speed pool pump is dramatic. According to a comparison study, the average annual cost of a single speed pool pump is about $1,740. In contrast, the yearly cost of using a variable-speed pool pump is a mere $145.
  • Variable speed pool pumps increase pool safety. When the pump senses that something is stuck to the pool drain, a safety vacuum release kicks in. This frees any person who gets suctioned to a pool drain.
  • Variable-speed pool pumps can be fully automated.

Contact Pool Works For Pool Pump Installation

When Lakeland FL, and Polk County pool owners need pool pump repair of any brand or pool pump installation of a Hayward or Pentair pump, many call on our skilled technicians at Pool Works. Efficient pool pumps keep your pool cleaner and save money but reducing utility costs month after month

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