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Traditional Chlorine Systems

Pool Works’ brightly marked service trucks are frequently seen traveling in Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL as our expert technicians care for traditional chlorine systems and all other aspects of pool care. We have a strong background in water treatment methods and chemistry. This experience is especially helpful in the care of chlorine systems used in busy commercial pools, where keeping an appropriate balance of chlorine can be complicated.

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Traditional chlorine systems and salt water systems are used by many homeowners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County. Pool Works specializes in handling both types of chlorination systems. Traditional chlorine systems are recommended for commercial pools as well as any pool with heavy usage. Every additional person in a pool affects the chlorine level. Quick adjustments are more easily made with traditional chlorination methods, but rapid changes in chlorination aren’t possible with salt systems.

The Importance Of Chlorine

Since the early 1900s, chlorine has been the standard for pool treatment. Without chlorine, pool water becomes contaminated from a variety of sources. Windblown dust, rain containing microscopic algae spores, and debris as well as human contaminants such as sweat, saliva, urine, cosmetic substances, and other undesirable elements cause contamination. If untreated, algae spores can grow and turn the water green and slimy. Hazardous bacteria can also thrive in Lakeland FL pools that aren’t properly treated with chlorine.

Chlorine is effective because it attacks the lipids in the cell walls of bacteria and other microorganisms. In short, chlorine does an exceptional job of destroying contaminants in pool water.

Importance of Proper Chlorine Balance

In a pool, chlorine is a necessity and the essential ingredient in all chlorination systems, including traditional chlorine systems. Experts such as our technicians at Pool Works provide the skill and experience to ensure that chlorine is added in appropriate amounts.

A lot can go wrong with chlorine, if the person applying chemicals lacks the kind of experience our Pool Works technicians have gained through training. The smell of chlorine can be sharp, distinctive, and unpleasant. Skin can itch because of excess chlorine. Certain types of fabrics will fade from chlorine, unless rinsed immediately after swimming. If there are unusually high levels of chlorine, it can be harmful to human health, causing breathing problems and other symptoms.

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The amount of chlorine added to a pool must be regulated properly, to ensure that the water stays clean and that it’s safe for swimmers. The dosage of chlorine must be sufficient to keep up with changes in the number of people in the pool.

Traditional chlorine systems require ongoing testing of the water and addition of more chemicals, as needed.

Although salt systems have a great deal of appeal, they have more downsides than standard chlorine systems and are impractical for heavily used pools. The only comparative downside to using the traditional type of pool chlorination system is that there are hazards associated with hauling and storing the chemicals.

Pool Works For Pool Cleaning in Lakeland FL

Pool Works is the most trusted pool company in the service area, including Lakeland FL, and Polk County. Each of our skilled technicians and clients benefit from our strong background in water treatment methods and chemistry. For comprehensive pool care, including ongoing care and maintenance of traditional chlorination systems, contact Pool Works today.

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