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Pool Cleaning In Lakeland, FL

Professional Pool Cleaning Service

Splashing in a sparkling clean swimming pool is the perfect activity when Lakeland weather is steamy hot. If the pool water is not properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, however, such plans are quickly spoiled. A dirty pool is completely uninviting, and it is unhealthy to swim in a pool in which bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms are thriving.

lakeland fl pool cleaningWith weekly pool cleaning services from Pool Works, your pool will be sparkling clean and ready when it’s time for a refreshing swim or some serious laps.

Pool Works is the most trusted and the oldest pool cleaning company in Lakeland and throughout Polk County. We are licensed, insured, and long-time members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). All of our technicians are fully trained experts who receive continuing education, upholding the quality pool cleaning services we’ve provided since 1984.

Weekly Pool Cleaning

Any homeowner desiring to maintain a clean, healthy pool throughout the year will benefit from our weekly pool cleaning services. You can stop and start services at your convenience, since no contracts are required. On the same day of every week, the same pool technician will provide expert pool cleaning services and become thoroughly familiar with your pool and all of its equipment.

All routine pool maintenance tasks are handled during pool cleaning visits. Weekly services include: making sure the drain and filter are clean; skimming all debris from the surface, such as bugs and dirt; cleaning the walls, steps, and sides of the pool; and vacuuming from top to bottom. The most essential service is testing the water to check for pH balance. As needed, chemicals such as chlorine will be added, to ensure a pleasant swimming experience while protecting against bacteria, algae, and germs.

Benefits of Professional Pool Cleaning

Some of the benefits of weekly pool cleaning are obvious, such as the sparkling pool water that is always welcoming and ready to provide a comfortable swimming experience. You can also gain peace of mind when you realize that the ongoing care of pool cleaning experts helps to prevent growth of algae and bacteria and the presence of grime and rust.  The days of facing an embarrassingly unsightly and unhealthy pool are behind you. You can enjoy the pride of a gleamingly clean pool and the cost-saving benefits of an extended life for pool equipment, including the crucial pool pump.

weekly pool service in lakeland fl

Screened-in Pools

Homeowners sometimes mistakenly think their screened-in pool needs less maintenance. Actually, during inclement weather, screened-in pools are more susceptible to bugs, bacteria, and dirt. Heavy rains tend to force bugs and dirt that have collected on the patio roof directly through the screen and into the pool water.

Expert Pool Cleaners

Pool Works has all of Lakeland and Polk County in good hands, with more than 40 expert pool cleaning technicians. Each pool tech is certified and has factory training as well as continuing education. Every pool technician has passed drug testing and a thorough background check.

Sparkling Clean Pools are a Tradition!

Start weekly pool services today by contacting us at Pool Works. We are licensed, insured, and have a team of dedicated, skilled pool technicians.

We keep Lakeland pools sparkling clean. It’s more than a job we love – it’s tradition!

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