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Trusted Pool Services In Lakeland, FL

Keeping Pools Sparkling Clean for Decades!

With Pool Works pool services, your pool will be sparkling clean like never before. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has proudly served the Polk County community, earning the distinction of being Lakeland’s most trusted swimming pool cleaning service.

trusted pool cleaning in lakeland fl

Pool Cleaning Has Safety & Health Benefits

When regular pool cleaning is neglected, bacteria, algae, and grime begin to flourish in your pool, making it an unhealthy swimming environment. Pool water has a delicate pH balance that can easily be disrupted. After heavy rainfall, pool water is unsafe until proper balance is restored. If too much chlorine is added, the excess chemicals become an irritant, which can make eyes itchy and cause skin rashes. We recommend that you trust only certified, licensed, and fully-insured professionals to clean your swimming pool.

We Love Keeping Pools Crystal Clear Like Pool Owners Love Taking A Swim

We keep your swimming pools pristine by cleaning thoroughly with top-to-bottom scrubbing. Our proven methods will help to prevent your pool from becoming clouded by algae and bacteria growth or rust. Our regular pool cleaning services also prevent your pool filter from begin clogged by leaves, small rocks, and other small objects that could block your filter. The life of your pool pump will be extended, with the thorough, ongoing pool cleaning services provided by Pool Works technicians. That perfect pH balance that we will maintain in your pool is something we are especially skilled at. As a result, your pool is ensured to be even more than safe and healthy. We will make sure you, your friends, and your entire family will be comfortable in the water and able to enjoy pool fun hour after hour.

Pool Works Pool Services are available throughout Polk County, including in Auburndale, Haines County, Winter Haven, Lakeland Bartow, and other communities.

Protect your Pool Investment

A swimming pool is a valuable asset as long as it is clean and available to use. Pool Works provides affordable swimming pool cleaning services that protect your pool and ensure that it continues to be a most valuable asset. Has your pool water turned an unsightly shade of green? With our green-up program, your green pool can be sparkling clean and ready for swimming again. We also make sure you are able to enjoy your pool year-around, by routinely keeping the water healthy and clean.

lakeland fl water testing on pool Local Experts on Pool Cleaning

We started cleaning pools in the area back in 1984, and we’ve been devoted to keeping our customers’ pools sparkling clean ever since. We are also continuing members in good standing with the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). We are always up-to-date on the latest and greatest practices for pool cleaning and safety.

Contact us at Pool Works today, to start enjoying reliable pool cleaning services. Unsightly green pool water? Not a problem!

After all these years, we still keep Lakeland pools sparkling clean. It’s more than a job we excel at – it’s tradition!

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