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Pool Repairs In Lakeland, FL

With Lakeland pool services from the pros at Pool Works, the longevity of your pool equipment is extended by making recommended pool repairs in a timely manner. Each component of pool equipment works in harmony with the others, to maintain a safe pool environment and ensure that all components can continue to operate properly. If one piece of pool equipment fails, the pool can potentially become a harmful breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the most common types of bacteria found in pools are E.coli and shigella. The best way to ensure that your swimming pool is safe and free of harmful microorganisms is with professional pool services and making timely pool repairs, as recommended.

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Common Pool Repairs Needed in Lakeland

A common pool problem Lakeland homeowners experience that requires immediate attention is when the pool is leaking water. It is natural to lose some pool water due to the hot Central Florida weather that causes evaporation. When the pool is draining at a rate of about an inch or more each day, however, it is likely that you have a pool leak. Immediate attention is needed to halt the damage and help avoid more expensive repairs.

If pool water is stagnant, the pool pump may not be working and immediate attention is needed. If the pump has become very noisy or it has switched off and you can’t get it back on, contact us at Pool Works without delay. We will immediately send out a pool technician to determine the source of the problem. A pool repair expert should also be contacted as quickly as possible if the heater, automatic cleaner, or chlorinator doesn’t appear to be operating properly.

When you see that something is not right with your pool, it is recommended for safety reasons that you stay out of the water until the pool repair technician has fixed the problem.

Pool Repair Technicians with Factory Training

lakeland fl pool repair serviceYou can trust the certified pool repair experts at Pool Works because each has been factory trained to repair and install every type of pool equipment, from popular brands of pumps and heaters to lights, plumbing, and all other pool components. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the pool equipment in order to reach a diagnosis of the problem and pinpoint where the problem started. When repairs are needed, we always provide our clients with details that include cost of the repair with parts and labor. Technicians will recommend replacement as appropriate, whether due to equipment age or the nature of the failure.

Lakeland pool repairs can often be completed on the same day, since our technicians always carry a wide variety of equipment, supplies, and parts on their trucks. Our goal is to equip you to resume activities in your pool as quickly as possible.

Trusted Pool Repair Company

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