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Backyard Pool Waterfalls: More than Good Looks

A beautiful waterfall as part of your backyard pool design will create an exciting visual and a touch of elegance. But it’s not only good looks that make more and more homeowners interested in these amenities. Pool Works of Auburndale, FL, would like to share some of the visual and health benefits of having a waterfall built for your pool.

custom built pool waterfall features in auburndale flWhat exactly is a pool waterfall?

Waterfalls for swimming pools are generally custom-built and designed by pool companies. They incorporate lush, rippling water flowing over and down rock, natural stone, and other materials. They provide a soothing backdrop of flowing water and create an environment of serenity in your backyard. Your waterfall can include “gushers” and “bubblers” that give the feel of an exciting river-rafting experience. In fact, there are basically no limits to how your waterfall can be designed to express your unique vision and tastes. When built and installed right, pool waterfalls keep all their water within the pool, never allowing it to splash on decking or other areas outside the pool.

Planning your waterfall

If you like the idea of having a waterfall as part of your backyard pool, your pool professional can help you work through the details of design and installation. You’ll want to decide on the overall size and materials of the waterfall structure as well as where to have it placed. You and your designer will also talk about the benefits beyond aesthetics that a backyard pool waterfall will bring you.

Health benefits of a pool waterfall

Waterfalls that feed backyard pools keep water moving, similar to how a pool pump works. Water movement is critical for the prevention of algae growth. Any time you have standing water, there’s the potential for algae to begin forming. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points to swimming as one of the common ways that people come into contact with this substance. Depending on the type of algae and the length of exposure, symptoms can range from stomach pain and headaches to liver damage and various neurological issues. Constantly moving water is the best way to keep algae and other toxins from building up in a swimming pool between professional cleanings. And a waterfall is a great way to keep your pool pump from having to do all this work.

water features in lakeland flKids love waterfalls

If you have children, you know that health benefits aren’t at the top of their priority list. But excitement is. Kids love to swim and run and play in a backyard oasis with a vibrant waterfall keeping everything moving. A word of caution, however: should you decide to add a waterfall to your backyard pool, don’t be surprised if your kids start planning a lot more pool parties and get-togethers with their friends. You could be facing some pretty busy weekends.

Get the waterfall you’ve been dreaming about

Pool Works specializes in the building of beautiful backyard pool waterfalls and other amenities. We take care of your pool with regular maintenance to keep it clean and safe, and we know how to add excitement to your backyard landscape. If you’ve been thinking about getting the water flowing at your Auburndale-area pool, call an expert today at (863) 967-2863. You can also reach out through our handy contact form.


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