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Year-Round Pool Enjoyment: Make the Most of Florida Winters 

Winter comes with less daylight and a bit chillier weather. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up swimming in your pool for the season. Luckily, compared to most of the country, Florida experiences relatively mild winters. So, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your pool year-round — if you take the right steps. 

If you have a pool at home, you may be interested in considering options to avoid chilly swims. There are three different types of pool heaters that may interest you. We’ll outline each of these options below. 

pool heaters in Polk County, FLGas Pool Heaters

Gas-powered pool heaters are a great option as they heat your pool quickly. In fact, it could take as soon as hours. This method uses either natural gas or propane to circulate water through a filter which sends heat back into your pool. 

Since this method is quick, you don’t have to necessarily keep your pool heated every day. For example, if you know you’re going to have a party you can turn the heater on for the event. And turn it off after without thinking about how long it’ll take to heat it back up next time. 

It’s important to note some drawbacks of this method:

  • It’s not very efficient — especially in the winter as the prices for gas and propane go up.
  • It can be expensive to install a gas line in your pool.

Electric Pool Heaters

Electric heat pumps are a very popular method that homeowners use to keep their pools warm during the winter. This is an especially good option for a location like Florida as temperatures are relatively mild throughout the year. It can get expensive and inefficient if you live somewhere with inconsistent temperatures that require near-constant electricity to heat it. 

Compared to gas pool heaters, electric pool heaters can last for about twice the time. Especially in a location such as Florida where it doesn’t have to work as hard due to relatively consistent temperatures. 

A drawback of this pool heater method:

  • Can take several hours for the heat pump to warm up the water — they typically heat at a rate of only a few degrees per hour.

Professional pool services and installations in Lakeland FlSolar Pool Heaters

Finally, if you live in a home with a lot of direct sunlight, a solar pool heater may be a great option for you. These pool heaters direct the pool water through valves connected to the solar panels to heat it up and is sent back into your pool. It’s a very efficient method as sunshine is free and, mostly abundant in Florida. 

A drawback of this pool heater method:

  • Has quite a hefty install price. However, once installed, the cost will be much less than other heater options. 

Enjoying year-round pool time? 

Call Team Pool Works Pool & Spa for any assistance you may need throughout the year – no matter what the season. We can help install any of the three pool heaters so enjoying your pool year-round is a given. Our team of pool experts can help with any issue or need you encounter and steer you in the right direction if you’re unsure. Call Team Pool Works Pool & Spa at 863-967-2863 to get started today. 

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