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Green Hair and How To Fix It

It’s a common myth that chlorine is the culprit for turning bright blond hair green. While it may be involved, it’s not the sole contributor to this common issue. This is a good thing, but what’s the bad guy at play here?

Where’s the green come from?

The answer is actually copper. And more specifically, the oxidation of copper when it combines with water and chlorine. If you’ve ever seen a green-tinged penny, then that’s copper oxidation at play. The same is true for certain things in a pool, such as the walls, floor, and even hair in some instances.

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How does this happen?

There are a few possible causes for copper presence in your pool, and ultimately green hair for swimmers. The three potential reasons (or mix of several) are:

  • The waterhave you ever gotten your water tested? Chances are if you’re on well water, there is a high presence of minerals. One of which may be copper. But, even if you’re on local public water, you may have a high mineral count, too.
  • SanitizersSome sanitizers used in pools have a high content of copper due to its algae fighting properties
  • AlgaecideFortunately (and unfortunately), copper is effective at fighting algae. At the beginning of the season when you’re potentially fighting some algae growth, you may opt to use one of these products. 

Since there is a copper content in the three above things, when it’s mixed with water and chlorine, it can start the oxidation process. So while chlorine is still a player in the game, it’s not the main cause. When the oxidized metal particles in the water touch hair, they can bind to it and cause discoloration if it’s a lighter hue, such as blonde or white.

So how can we avoid this?

The number one solution you can consider is testing your water. Pool stores have water samples that you can do by yourself if you’re trying to determine the issue. If it turns out you do find copper in your water, there are a few solutions you can consider:

  • A hose filter — this can be attached to your hose and remove copper and other minerals
  • A metal sequestration — this solution binds to the copper and prevents it from oxidizing (however, be cautious if you use a mineral sanitizer a sequestration may combat its effectiveness)
  • Look for a copper-free algaecide if you need one. There are several options that pool stores or professionals at Poolworks can assist with.

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Are you in need of pool maintenance or assistance?

Our team of pool experts at Poolworks in the Auburndale, FL area can assist with many pool maintenance and cleaning services you may need. We can make sure to check chlorine levels frequently to mitigate any green hair issues. You can visit us at 226 E. Lake Ave., Auburndale, FL, or give us a call at (863) 967-2863. You can also reach out with our contact form.

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