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The Ultimate Pool Party for the Holidays

As everyone in Florida knows, you can have just about as much fun with your pool during the winter holidays as you can during the blazing summer. Pool Works of Auburndale, FL, would like to share some tips on throwing the ultimate holiday pool party.

professional pool cleaning services in auburndale flHeat the pool

Before a big holiday gathering, make sure your pool heater is working properly. It’s a good idea to schedule an inspection of the heater as well as the pool pump, pool filter, and other components that keep your swimming pool luxurious and welcoming.

Clean the pool

A pool with glassy, pristine water is the type of pool people can’t wait to jump (or wade) into. Before the party, bring out your pool crew for a thorough cleaning and water treatment.

Guest towels

Be sure to have a good supply of comfy towels handy so guests can dry off when they get out of the pool. A warm pool in the Florida winter is a wonderful thing, but getting out wet into a chilly breeze might not be.

Protect the floors

If your guests will be going into the house for the restroom or other reasons, lay down some protective floor covering on any flooring that you don’t want to get water on.

Holiday party themes

Come up with an exciting holiday party theme and decorate your entire outdoor space to reflect what the holidays and friends and family mean to you. You probably have a ton of holiday decorations stored away, so bring them out for a pre-Christmas party and have them handy for the official seasonal decorating later.

Pool area lighting

Consider stringing up some rows of hanging green, red, and gold lighting around your outdoor entertaining area. Go for a more subtle touch with tasteful colored candles on tables, the bar, and even the ground in non-traffic areas.

The eats

The food and snacks you prepare for your holiday pool party can reflect winter themes:

  • Traditional glazed ham or turkey for the main dish
  • Sandwiches with holiday-flag toothpicks
  • Cookies shaped like stars or reindeer
  • Frosted “snow” brownies and sprinkled spice cakes
  • Cake with an elaborate winter-scene icing decoration

Use your imagination and get creative. And don’t forget to invest in some holiday-themed serving trays.

The drinks

Whip up some fruit smoothies in holiday colors and custom lattes with cinnamon, pumpkin, and other wintertime spices.

pool renovations in lakeland FL

If you’ll be serving alcohol, set up a convenient station for people to pour their own or be served by a designated bartender. Think safety and go for canned beer rather than bottled beer to keep broken glass off the ground. For everyone’s safety, keep an eye on your guests and don’t allow overconsumption.

After the party

When the last frolicker has left the pool and the party begins to break up, make sure to lock the gates and secure the pool area. Do a walkthrough of the entire area to see if anyone has left clothing, jewelry, a phone, or other valuables.

Your best holiday pool party

These are just some tips to get you started planning your holiday pool party. The very best parties are customized to reflect the ideal moods and excitement that the hosts know everyone will enjoy.

Pool Works is standing by to get your pool clean and in tip-top shape for your winter party. Call us at (863) 967-2863 or reach out with our simple contact form.


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