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Pool Toys for Young Swimmers

A nice pool can give children hours and days of summer fun. Whether the pool is at your property or it’s a community pool, most kids almost have to be dragged away from it when swim time is over. But swimming doesn’t come naturally to every child, and many children develop a fear of the water. One way to get them comfortable with the idea of swimming – and to help with several other important skills they’re developing at that age – is with a fun selection of pool toys. Pool Works of Auburndale, FL would like to share a little about some helpful pool toys and why they can make a positive difference in a young swimmer’s life.

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Four fun pool toys

Most pool toys are made from a buoyant material, which is why they’re so good for young children who are just learning to swim. They’re also made with safety in mind; however, it’s a good idea to closely examine the toys you’re considering for your child before you buy them. Here are four good pool toys for children:

1. Barbells

Pool barbells look like miniature versions of the barbells weightlifters use. There’s a pole piece between the two floating ends that are shaped like weights. When children hold the pole and kick their feet, they can start swimming right away. Barbells are excellent for teaching children how to motor their legs and bring their bodies parallel to the water’s surface. Your child will quickly learn that the barbell won’t sink, which promotes water confidence.

2. Kickboards

Pool kickboards resemble the popular body boards you see older people using in oceans and lakes. But pool kick-boards are smaller and easier for little bodies to manage. Like barbells, kickboards help children stay above water and learn to use their feet to move forward. Kickboards also can free up the arms, so the young swimmer can practice the upper-limb movements that will one day lead to perfect swimming. It’s important to note that kickboards are not flotation devices; rather, they’re intended to provide support to beginning swimmers.

3. Arm bands

Inflatable arm bands provide children with plenty of confidence to work on all their new swimming moves. Arm bands come in a variety of colors and shapes. Some bands are large and elaborate, resembling happy puppies or cartoon  characters; others are simple devices that fit snugly around each arm.

4. Rings

Pool rings are for more advanced young swimmers. They’re designed to sink to the bottom of the pool and stand on end. Swimmers then venture underwater for a few seconds to grab the upper curve of the ring and bring it up.

Skills that pool toys teach

A thoughtful selection of pool toys can make the difference between a child’s fear of the water and a child who wants to start training for the Olympics – right now, before dinner!

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Pool toys help with:

  • Water confidence
  • Water and spatial awareness
  • Breath control
  • Kicking the legs
  • Rowing the arms
  • Coordinating kicking and rowing
  • Physical coordination
  • Strength and endurance
  • Overall health

Help your child enjoy the pool with pool toys

If you have a young child approaching swimming age, maybe it’s time to invest in some fun pool toys. Pool Works carries a selection of toys that are appropriate for children who need a little help getting used to the water. Visit us at 226 E. Lake Ave., Auburndale, FL, or give us a call at (863) 967-2863. You can also reach out with our handy contact form.

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