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Best Pool Supplies for Summer Fun

Owning a pool is a dream come true for many homeowners, offering a refreshing oasis from the oppressive heat of summer and providing hours of relaxation and fun. While you don’t need much beyond water to have a good time in and around the pool, there are a few accessories that will make owning a pool more pleasant.

Professional Pool Vacuuming in Lakeland FlRobotic Vacuum

One necessary but time-consuming chore most pool owners hate is vacuuming. So, why not get a robot to do it? Pool cleaning robots come with various features, and there’s one to fit most budgets. These intelligent devices can self-charge and are easy to operate with a remote control. Pool robots take the drudgery out of scrubbing the walls and floor and cleaning debris.

Solar Cover

Most pool owners consider a solar cover a must-have accessory. Solar covers keep the pool water warm, prevent evaporation, and stop animals and debris from getting in. A solar cover can significantly reduce your energy expenses, especially if you have a heated pool.

Inflatable Floats and Loungers

No pool is complete without inflatable floats and loungers. They give you a comfortable, relaxing place and can be great fun for the kids. Floats and loungers come in a variety of styles and colors, and even animal themes. Whether you want to lay back and relax or play games, these are inexpensive, must-have accessories.

Poolside Umbrellas

Most people enjoy being out in the sun; however, too much sun is unhealthy. And, while you’re in the pool, you may not notice the heat, but the UV rays can still give you severe sunburns. Investing in a few poolside umbrellas gives everyone a shady spot to chill out without worrying about getting burned. Moreover, umbrellas come in various colors and styles and can make your backyard look like a vacation spot.

Toys and Games

If you have kids or entertain family or friends with kids, games, and toys will ensure they have a great time. Water guns, dive toys, pool volleyball, pool basketball, floating drink stations — the options are endless. Besides the fun, the best thing about pool toys and games is that they’re not expensive.

Bluetooth Speakers

What’s a pool party without music? While not a must-have, investing in a Bluetooth pool speaker will make your aquatic excursions more enjoyable listening to your favorite tunes. Bluetooth pool speakers are — of course — waterproof and easily connect to your phone. Like everything else on our list, there’s a model to fit virtually every budget.


No pool is complete without noodles. These foam toys come in various colors and have been a staple in backyard pools for over two decades.

poolside accessories in winter haven fl

They’re fun, inexpensive, and a must-have for every pool owner.

Poolside Coolers and Drinkware

Lastly, staying hydrated is crucial when you’re out in the sun, and investing in a poolside cooler with drinkware is a great way to do it. It’s best to get an insulated cooler to keep drinks cold and cups that are easy to clean and durable.

As we mentioned in the beginning, you don’t need these accessories to have fun, but they will make your pool experience more enjoyable. For more pool supplies and accessory ideas, call Team Pool Works Spas in Lakeland, FL at 863–967–2863.

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