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Why Do I Have Air Bubbles in My Pool

It’s Summer in Lakeland, so you are probably spending a fair amount of time in your pool. Have you ever noticed a fair number of bubbles frolicking on the water’s surface? Or a steady stream of bubbles is coming out of your return jets. You may wonder- why do I have air bubbles in my pool and how do I get rid of them. Let’s dive right into it.

Professional Pool CleaningWhat Causes Bubbles in Your Pool?

Typically, pools should not have an excessive number of bubbles. If they do, it is usually a sign that there’s air entering your pool system somewhere it shouldn’t. Here are the most common reasons:

Air Bubbles Caused by Your Pool Pump

If your pool pump takes in air, it will force that air through your pool’s circulation system, and bubbles will form. It’s an issue that often happens if there are leaks in the suction side of the pool pump, and it can lead to a decrease in the pump’s efficiency.

Air Bubbles Caused by Your Pool Filter

Sometimes, the filter system could be responsible for the unwanted air. If the air gets trapped during filtration, it will get released into the pool, causing bubbles.

Air Bubbles Caused by Your Pool Jets

If the jets are positioned above the waterline or the pool’s water level is too low, air can be sucked into the system, creating bubbles.

Air Bubbles In Your Pool Caused by Plumbing Issues

Cracks or leaks in the pool’s plumbing system can also let air in, resulting in bubbles.

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Your Pool

The steps to fix the bubble problem depend on the cause. Here’s how you can tackle each one:

Addressing Pool Pump Issues

First, check the pump lid and O-ring for any cracks or damage. Replace them if necessary. Also, inspect the drain plugs and pipe connections to the pump for leaks. Applying pool putty or Teflon tape can seal minor leaks.

Handling Filter System Problems

If the filter is the culprit, make sure to clean it regularly. If the filter is too dirty, it might trap air. Also, inspect the multiport valve on the filter if present. It could be another source of an air leak.

Adjusting Pool Jets and Water Level

To avoid air getting sucked into the pool’s circulation system through the jets, ensure the jets are always submerged. Keep the pool water at the appropriate level, typically at the midpoint of the skimmer opening.

Fixing Plumbing Issues

If the bubbles are due to plumbing issues, this could be a more complicated problem and requires professional help. A pool professional can pressure test your lines to find the leak.

Sand Filters and Pool Pump Installation in Lakeland FL Remember, while bubbles in your pool might seem harmless, they could be symptomatic of a bigger problem. Promptly Addressing these issues makes your pool more pleasant to swim in and helps ensure the longevity of your pool equipment and infrastructure.

We Can Get Rid of Bubbles in Your Pool

Are you unsure of what is causing bubbles in your pool? Have you been unable to eliminate the bubbles in your pool? Poolworks can help. Call us today at 863-967-2863 in the greater Lakeland and Polk County areas or fill out our contact form. A pool specialist will tell you what we can do to eliminate bubbles in your pool.

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