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Green Hair and How To Fix It

It’s a common myth that chlorine is the culprit for turning bright blond hair green. While it may be involved, it’s not the sole contributor to this common issue. This... Read more

Pool Toys for Young Swimmers

A nice pool can give children hours and days of summer fun. Whether the pool is at your property or it’s a community pool, most kids almost have to be... Read more

Understanding Hydrostatic Pressure

Whether the water in your swimming pool or spa is resting or moving, it exerts pressure. When the pressure becomes too great, it can damage the pool walls and even cause... Read more

Best Pool Supplies for Summer Fun

Owning a pool is a dream come true for many homeowners, offering a refreshing oasis from the oppressive heat of summer and providing hours of relaxation and fun. While you... Read more

Why Do I Have Air Bubbles in My Pool

It’s Summer in Lakeland, so you are probably spending a fair amount of time in your pool. Have you ever noticed a fair number of bubbles frolicking on the water’s... Read more

Saltwater Vs. Chlorine: Which Is Best For You?

It’s summer, and that means time for swimming, sun, and fun! Along with planning vacations and getting some much-needed rest, many families will also be considering adding a pool to... Read more

Keeping Your Pool Clean And Clear This Summer

While summer might officially begin on June 20th, the practical reality is the season is already here! By now, you’ve probably had more than one pool party, especially if you... Read more

How To Safely Use Chlorine Tablets

There are many advantages to owning a pool. Great fun with your family and friends and endless summers cooling off in the pool. There are also some added responsibilities to... Read more

How Often Should My Pool Be Resurfaced?

Having an in-ground pool is the dream of many homeowners. One detail that is often overlooked is the maintenance of the pool’s walls and surfaces. They’ll eventually start showing wear... Read more

Pool Design Trends of 2023

As we get ready to dive into summer in Lakeland, that means spending time around the pool in an effort to beat the heat. You may be considering renovating your... Read more

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