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Building a Swimming Pool? Think Placement.

For a lot of homeowners who are planning to build a new swimming pool, there isn’t a lot of choice about where to put it. For other homeowners, their properties are larger, and they have a number of options for pool placement.

Pool Works Pools & Spas of Auburndale, FL, would like to share a few things you might want to consider when building a new pool if you have some placement options.

choosing a perfect placement for your pool in lakeland flThe pool and the sun

Many people like to have as much sun as possible on their pools for the longest amount of time each day. If you’re one of these people, determine where on your property the sun shines the most, i.e., locations without:

  • Your house blocking the sun
  • Huge trees between the sun and the pool
  • Neighboring homes or other structures getting in the way

Convenient access to the pool

Depending on how you’ll use the pool, you might want to place it close to the house. If you’ll be having pool parties and gatherings, it will be more convenient for guests to access the pool quickly from the house rather than having to take a walk through the property.

Parties aside, consider how many trips likely will be made between the pool and the house during normal pool usage. The more trips expected, the better it is to have the pool in close proximity to the house.

Pool noise

Everyone loves a pool that the whole family can enjoy, but not everyone’s crazy about the noise of children screaming and playing in and around the pool. For example, a work-from-home parent could have his or her work disrupted if the pool is placed fifteen feet from the home office window.

Trees and debris

Part of owning a pool is having it cleaned, and a big part of pool cleaning involves removing leaves and debris and maintaining the filters. When thinking about where to put your new pool, it’s probably a good idea to choose a spot with as few trees as possible over and around it.

Debris in a pool can clog the filter and cause its motor to work overtime. It also makes the pool look uninviting, with dirty water that nobody’s eager to jump into.

Pool safety fence

A final note that applies no matter where you build your pool: make sure to install a secure safety fence or gate around it – particularly if you have young children or will be entertaining families with young children.

Remodeled new pool in Lakeland & Plant City, FL

Pool fences save lives, and, when built by a good fencing contractor, they look fantastic and enhance the overall appearance of a pool area.

After your pool is built . . .

Pool Works is ready to help you keep your pool clean, safe and beautiful. We provide scheduled pool cleaning, water treatment, resurfacing, pool decking and other helpful services.

When you let us take care of your Florida pool, we’ll give you a free month of service after your first six months. Get on the road to a more enjoyable pool by calling (863) 967-2863. You can also reach out with our simple contact form.

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