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What Is A Chlorination System And Does My Pool Need One

Few things are more refreshing than swimming in a nice, refreshing pool in the heat of summer and warm days. But this experience can quickly be tarnished if your water is dirty or stinky. Due to warm environments, dirt, debris, and even human oils from swimming, there is a need for some filtration system in your pool. Commonly, there are chlorine or bromine solutions, but some pools even mix in salt water for a more natural experience. 

chlorine testing in auburndale flLet’s take a look at a few very effective chlorination systems that make your chlorinating process much easier. There are three main different types of chlorinators: floating chlorinators, salt chlorinators, and automatic chlorinators.

Floating Chlorinators

Floating chlorine dispensers are a very popular option that requires little effort. Essentially, you fill up the floating dispenser with several chlorine or bromine tablets. As it floats around and soaks in the water, it will slowly dispense chemicals into the water and leave a clean pool. 


  • Very inexpensive
  • Durable — can last several years
  • Can get creative ones that even have solar lights on them


  • Can get stuck in one area, dispensing too much chlorine in one section and even stain liners
  • If the floater breaks, it can dispense too much chlorine leading to extra-potent smells and maybe even skin and eye irritation

Automatic Chlorinators

As the title may imply, this chlorinator automatically dispenses chlorine into your pool. Many systems store up to 9 pounds of chlorine tablets. Once you load up the system, you can determine your desired chlorine level and set it to auto-dispense to this level. These pool filters come in-line and off-line. The former are connected to the PVC return pipe, directly attached to the pool plumbing system; whereas, the latter is separate from the plumbing system and feeds filtered water back into the pool. 


  • Automates the chlorination process for you
  • Relatively inexpensive to install and maintain the system


  • May require assistance getting the system set up
  • Requires more maintenance than alternative options presented

Salt Chlorinators

Salt systems offer a very unique sanitization process for household pools. They require no chlorine tablets as the system actually makes its own chlorine through a process called electrolysis. What’s this? Well, as the saltwater passes through the system, it provides an electrical charge and turns salt particles into hypochlorous acid, or chlorine. 

salt water pools in lakeland fl


  • Very low-maintenance and can run for a long time without maintenance needs
  • Easier to regulate chlorine — less risk for overexposure
  • Salt cell lasts 3-7 years


  • Expensive initial purchase (about $1,000 for systems & transition from traditional pool can be costly)
  • Salt cell is costly (but does last long)

In need of a chlorination system? Call Pool Works!

Does a chlorination system seem like something you need for your pool? Don’t hesitate to call our team at Pool Works Pools & Spas. Even if you aren’t sure if it’s the best solution for you, our team can help assist you. We will work with you to determine the solution and discuss a plan that works within your budget and timeline. Call us today at (863) 967-2863 to speak with a pool cleaning expert. You can also reach out using our easy contact form.

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