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The Benefits of a Quality Pool Renovation

Is your swimming pool still bringing you as much pleasure and enjoyment as it did the first day you used it? Or has it become damaged, ugly, and inefficient? If there are problems with your pool, a pool renovation might just solve most or all of them.

Pool Works of Auburndale, FL, would like to cover a few aspects of pool renovation that you might be interested in.

salt water pool systems in lakeland flTop 8 reasons to renovate and upgrade your swimming pool

Homeowners renovate their pools for several reasons. Here are eight of the most common.

Renovate to extend pool life

Pool surfaces can become cracked and crumbly over the years. This can lead to all sorts of damage and expense. If your pool is suffering from years of neglect, consider a resurfacing and structural-repair project to bring it back up to speed and extend its life.

Renovate to protect

If the fencing around your pool is damaged or in disrepair, it could pose a threat to the safety of people near the pool, particularly young children. Pool safety fencing also helps to keep curious wildlife from taking a dip and possibly compromising the quality of your water.

Renovate to beautify

Swimming pools don’t become “dated” as quickly as fashion and entertainment products, but they do begin to show their age at one point. An older, boring pool design can be easily spruced up with attractive surface modifications, tile work and accessories that will instantly “un-date” it.

Renovate for health

Upgrading your pool filtration system will be a huge step toward making your water safer. Better filtration means fewer instances of algae and bacteria outbreaks and fewer overall contaminants for your family and guests to swim in.

Renovate for enjoyment

Is it time for a newer, more modern diving board? How about a dive tower? Railings that are old, rusted and discolored can be replaced with new ones that not only look great but also provide optimal safety. If you have children, consider upgrading their pool toys and floatation devices with safer modern versions.

Renovate for eye appeal & privacy

There are a lot of things you can do to make your pool area look nicer. Consider some attractive landscaping, like shrubbery, trees, a rock garden, flowers or other amenities. As to privacy, ensure it with a quality privacy fence that blocks neighbors’ views.

Renovate to save money

Think about replacing expensive-to-run solar pumps with upgraded filtration systems that run on your pool’s main wiring. Depending on where you live, this can save you a little – or a lot – of money each year.

Renovate for a future sale

A swimming pool is a major perk for many homebuyers. A well-maintained, fully upgraded pool is even more of a perk. If you think you may be selling your home in the near future, a pool renovation now might be a very smart move.

Remodeling new pool in Lakeland & Plant City, FLConsult with your pool expert

Before most major renovations, it’s a good idea to consult with a pool professional who can explain the various processes to you and identify any challenges that might present themselves.

And, of course, you should schedule regular pool service to maintain water quality levels, keep equipment working correctly and enhance the overall lovely appearance of your pool.

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