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How To Prepare Your Pool For Summer

Once the weather starts consistently warming up for the summer season, it’s natural to be impatient to get back to swimming. But it’s important not to rush this process as it can be potentially unsafe and dirty. Luckily, though, in most cases, the process to get your pool swim-ready is relatively quick, inexpensive, and easy. Read on to learn about the steps required to get back in your pool this summer. 

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Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

Opening your pool

Once the temperature at home is consistently around 70 degrees, it’s safe to open the pool for the season. First step you should take is to remove any excess debris or pooling water on top of your pool cover. Not only will this make it less messy for you, but it will also minimize the transfer of debris into your pool water. After you’ve removed the cover, move it to an open area to clean it off with a mild detergent, let air dry, and store in a sealed container for the season.

Remove any debris and/or winterizing materials

Now that the water is exposed, you’ll know the level of cleaning you have ahead. Remove any lingering debris, such as leaves and twigs with your net. Make sure to also remove all winter plugs from the pool. This is a great time to also put in your ladder or railings.

Fill up water to desired level 

There’s a chance that the water levels lowered between cleaning, sitting for the off season, and removing pumps. Now is the best time to add water back to the desired level so the chemicals work to clean that water too. 

Make sure all equipment is in working order

Now is a great time to make sure there are no visible cracks in your pump or pool filter. This is important so you don’t make any issues worse. If you don’t see any damage, you can move on to powering it on. If it isn’t performing as you’d expected or hoped, it may be time to replace the cartridge. If you notice any other issues, it may be best to call your local pool professionals. 

Get your water pH to the right level 

Now is the time to read and balance your water level. This may be a back-and-forth process. More can be learned in this article.

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Clean & shock your pool 

Once your pool water is the right reading, it’s time to clean the walls down of any clean scum and debris. After this, you are to shock the pool water. It’s essentially a large amount of chlorine that will kill the bacteria in your pool water. This process can be done every week or two to keep your pool clean and safe. 

Wait for the pool to completely filter

The only drawback of shocking your pool means you’ll have to wait around 24 hours for the filtration system to work it’s magic. Otherwise, the water can burn eyes and cause other adverse effects for swimmers. Make sure to test the water to ensure it’s at a healthy reading prior to giving the green light to swim. 


If you’re itching to get your pool ready for the summer, don’t hesitate to call our team at Pool Works Pools & Spas. We always offer one-month free pool service after every 6 Months. Call us today to get started towards your free month. You can reach us at (863) 967-2863 to speak with a pool cleaning expert or you can use our easy contact form.


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