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Pool Repairs In Winter Haven, FL

For your pool to be safe, essential pool components must work harmoniously, such as the pool pump, filters, and other equipment. When any part of the pool system fails, the pool becomes potentially harmful for swimmers as bacteria and viruses could begin thriving in the pool water. Among the most common bacteria found in swimming pools are E. coli, salmonella, and shigella, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. The best way to maintain a healthy pool that is safe for swimming is with professional pool maintenance and timely pool repairs in Winter Haven.

Pool Pump Repairs In Winter Haven, FLPool Pumps

The pool pump is the heart of the pool system and the most vital component to ensure safe swimming. Pool circulation prevents the stagnation of the water. If the drain or skimmer become clogged or the basket isn’t routinely emptied, the pump can stop working, along with the essential pool disinfection process.

If your pool pump is making very loud noises, it’s time to call the pool professionals at Pool Works. When a pool pump needs repair or replacement in Winter Haven, many residents make the cost-effective choice to upgrade their pool pump.

Two-speed pool pumps and motors have been mandated by the State of Florida since 2012, resulting in greatly improved energy efficiency. Homeowners save up to $90 or more in energy costs every month, which quickly offsets the new pool pump cost.

Common Pool Repairs in Winter Haven

Pool leaks in Winter Haven are among the most common reasons pool repair is needed. Evaporation of pool water is natural in Central Florida, due to hot weather in a balmy climate. If more than an inch of water or more is lost daily, however, the problem could be a pool leak. Immediate attention for pool leak repairs is needed to prevent further damage and avoid more expensive repair costs.

Pool Heater Repairs In Winter Haven, Fl Your chlorinator, automatic cleaner, or pool heater might not seem to work properly anymore. For reasons of health and safety, we recommend that you avoid the pool until one of our Winter Haven pool repair technicians at Pool Works has resolved the issue for you.

Our certified and factory-trained experts have the qualifications and experience to perform pool equipment repairs on every pool component, including lights, plumbing, heaters, and pumps.

Winter Haven Pool Heaters

The refreshing enjoyment of swimming in summer doesn’t have to stop in cooler months when you have a pool heater in Winter Haven. Extend the usefulness and enjoyment of your pool to last all year with a pool heater installation. Heated pools provide numerous benefits, such as providing relief from various ailments, including arthritis and injuries to the spine. Freedom of movement can increase because the muscles relax. Cognitive skills and memory function get a boost through regular exercise such as swimming. There are even more benefits to extending your swim season with a pool heater.

You can buy a high-efficiency pool heater in Winter Haven that will greatly reduce energy consumption as compared with other models on the market. At Pool Works, we recommend and install Rheem pool heaters. Since 1997, the company has manufactured pool heaters and offers models with remarkable efficiency.

Contact us at Pool Works for the installation of replacement parts and for pool repairs in Winter Haven. We offer the best pool cleaning service as well!



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