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Water Testing Services In Winter Haven, FL

Pool Works has provided Winter Haven Pool Service and has served residents throughout Polk County for 30-plus years. We are professionals with a membership in the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FCPA).

Expert Pool Water Services In Winter Haven, FLAnytime you take a dip or a dive into your swimming pool under the shimmering Florida skies, you want to ensure that your pool is free of bacteria and algae that could harm your health. A sparkling clean swimming pool is what you want and need.

Winter Haven FL Pool Service

Maintaining a safe, healthy swimming pool throughout the year is best achieved with a professional Winter Haven pool service. Servicing a pool is, after all, more than skimming off surface debris such as leaves or turning on the automatic vacuum. At Pool Works, our certified pool service professionals participate in continuing education to stay on top of best practices for pool care and safety.

When you sign on for our weekly pool service in Winter Haven, the vital services our technicians perform include checking the drains, skimmer, filter, and pool pump; water testing; conducting a visual inspection of the pool as well as all pool equipment, and handling all other maintenance duties that arise.

Water Testing

The most essential component of any Winter Haven pool service is testing the water and keeping it in proper balance to ensure a safe, healthy, and comfortable swimming experience. Water quality can be affected by numerous factors, including humidity, rainfall, normal or heavier-than-usual pool use, and evaporation. During weekly pool service, your Pool Works technician will collect a sampling of your pool water and test its acidity, alkalinity, and calcium levels. The results of the test will indicate whether the technician will add chemicals, such as chlorine, to restore the balance of the pool’s chemistry.

Expert Pool Cleaning Services In Winter Haven, FLClearing Debris

Your pool’s system depends heavily upon the pool pump, which is the heart of the entire operation. No pool is safe for swimming without a working pool pump. Clearing debris is a part of the weekly pool service in Winter Haven that prevents the system from becoming clogged, which would impede the pump’s functionality. The drain, skimmer, and filter are inspected and cleared of debris. At times, a backwash of the system becomes necessary, and the technician will perform that task as needed. Your Pool Works technician will check the pump carefully and, if problems are detected, will recommend repairs, explaining the fact that small problems become far more expensive issues if needed repairs are delayed. With the expertise of our pool experts on your side, you can save time and money.

Pool Vacuuming in Winter Haven

Pool vacuuming is included in our weekly Winter Haven pool service. We use industrial-strength water vacuums, and your technician will clean the entire pool thoroughly from one end to the other and from top to bottom. Dirt and debris are removed from the bottom of the pool and pool walls are cleaned, as well.

Winter Haven Pool Service – More than just clean. Sparkling Clean!

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