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Pool Remodeling In Winter Haven, FL

Pool remodeling, renovation, and plastering in Winter Haven are among the high-quality Pool Works services we provide. In our quest to help Polk County and Winter Haven homeowners get the most from their swimming pool investment, we provide everything from minor cosmetic repairs to creating stunning outdoor dreamscapes.

Pool Remodeling In Winter Haven, FL

Pool Renovation and Remodeling

Old, outdated swimming pools can be transformed into luxurious resort-styled or modern contemporary pools with the Winter Haven pool renovation and remodeling experts at Pool Works. You can even include super fun water features for the enjoyment of the whole family. With our professional deck pavers, stylish tiles, pool plastering, and lighting, our pool remodeling and renovation services are like getting an entirely new pool but for a mere fraction of the cost. When pool tiles are missing or cracked, it is more than just a nuisance because the tiles can clog your pool filter and drain, which can damage your pool pump. Pool users, especially kids, can easily cut themselves on damaged tiles and other rough surfaces when they are climbing in and out of the pool.

Pool Plastering Winter Haven

The porous material on aging concrete pools eventually develops cracks along the walls and on the bottom. They start as mere cosmetic blemishes. But, left untreated, the cracks will grow larger from water pressure and eventually will result in a pool leak. At Pool Works, our pool renovation professionals use pool plastering to smooth out the surface, make cosmetic repairs, and lengthen the life of your pool. After the swimming pool surface has been re-plastered, you can expect carefree enjoyment of your pool for many years.

Pool Deck Pavers Winter Haven

A cracked, hot, or uneven pool deck can cause painful sores and cuts every time you enjoy your swimming pool. Concrete pool decks are prone to be slippery when wet, which can be a worrisome hazard.

Pool deck pavers are the answer to your pool deck problems. The designer pool deck pavers we offer at Pool Works are complementary of any enclosed pool or outdoor pool. Shapes, styles, and colors are available in a wide variety of options so that the deluxe pool deck we build for you only looks expensive. Damaged pavers are easy to replace, unlike concrete that requires resurfacing. Another benefit of our smooth, less slippery pavers is that they stay cool to the touch, even when the days are hot and sunny. After the installation of our pool deck pavers, getting the most out of your pool will likely be easier than ever.

Pool Resurfacing Professionals In Winter Haven, FLResurfacing Options

Winter Haven pool resurfacing services are needed every decade or two, and one of your options is the exceptional pool resurfacing and pool re-plastering services from Pool Works. We are experts at pool resurfacing, and you can choose from some exciting options that look amazing. For example, color can be mixed into the re-plastering material.

For enhanced visual interest and pool durability, we can add colored quartz chips. Quartz and silica are used, and both substances are substantially harder than marble and are better at resisting deterioration caused by chemicals. With colored quartzite, grime and surface imperfections are less noticeable.

You can enjoy even greater pool durability with the addition of pea gravel-sized river pebbles or other additives in the pool plastering.

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At Pool Works, we are proud to be Polk County’s most trusted pool company. Pool cleaning is our passion, and we also have the expertise and unsurpassed workmanship in pool renovation and remodeling. Our fully trained technicians provide all aspects of pool repair, pool replastering, and pool maintenance. For expert pool replastering in Winter Haven, contact Pool Works today.


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