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Winter Haven, FL's Top Choice

Homeowners in Winter Haven FL, Bartow FL, Lakeland FL, Haines City FL, Lake Wales FL, and Polk County rely on Pool Works for professional pool cleaning, pool repair and pool maintenance services.

Pool Works is the trusted name in pool cleaning services and pool care among homeowners in Winter Haven FL, and Polk County, FL. Our dedication to providing homeowners with pristine, well-maintained pools has been recognized since we started up our family-owned business more than 25 years ago.

winter haven fl top rated in pool cleaning and pool repair servicesPool Works trucks are white and brightly marked. They are often seen traveling up and down 1st Street, Lake Howard Drive, Cypress Gardens Blvd, and throughout the area. Our fully trained, background-checked technicians provide homeowners with exceptional pool cleaning services week after week.

Pool Cleaning Services Winter Haven FL

At Pool Works, we have earned a reputation for reliability and honest dealings with our clients. We take pool cleaning seriously, which is why all of our pool technicians are licensed, insured, drug-tested, fully trained, and known for dependability

Weekly and bi-weekly pool cleaning services include the following and more:

  • Water skimming
  • Brushing, including tile line brushing
  • Checking equipment
  • Ensuring proper pool level
  • Water testing
  • Vacuuming
  • Inspection of the filter and pump
  • Lubrication of O rings, as necessary
  • Filter cleaning, as necessary
  • Chemical treatments

Winter Haven FL residents enjoy virtually unhindered use of their swimming pools, thanks to the reliable pool cleaning services from Pool Works.

The Importance of Proper Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

For a pool to be a healthy swimming environment, certain work needs to be done routinely. When cleaning isn’t done properly or chemical levels aren’t maintained with the proper balance, a range of problems can occur. Algae can grow, creating a ripe environment for harmful bacteria to thrive, as well.

Every week, a pool needs to be manually brushed on the walls, behind ladders, on the steps, and in corners and crevices. This is one of numerous steps that help keep algae and bacteria out of the water.

Maintaining a proper balance of pool chemicals is essential. Chlorine is necessary. If there is too little chlorine, the pool won’t stay as clean as it needs to be for safe swimming. If there is too much chlorine, the water can be unsafe for swimmers; for example it can cause breathing problems and skin and eye irritation. The pool’s pH balance is also essential. When the pH is low, the water becomes acidic and can cause damage to all of the major components of your pool system, such as the pool pump, pool filter, heater, and more. Alkalinity levels are important, to ensure that the pH balance is stable.

pool repairs and pool supplies near winter haven fl Pool Services Winter Haven FL

Winter Haven FL pool owners rely on Pool Works for the best pool cleaning services as well as leak detection, pool repair, and pool remodeling. We background-test all of our technicians. For the safety and assurance of our clients, each technician is also drug-tested, licensed, and insured. When you rely on Pool Works for weekly pool cleaning and pool maintenance, the same uniformed technician will arrive on the same day of the week to perform all steps involved with maintaining a pristine pool that’s safe and ready for you to enjoy. Each of our technicians receives an ongoing education as well as continued training, including factory training.

About Winter Haven FL

Winter Haven FL is also known as Chain of Lakes City, with 50 lakes inside the city limits. Twenty-four of the lakes are connected via two separate canal systems. The many activities enjoyed by residents and tourists include every kind of water sport, such as wakeboarding, water skiing, paddle boarding, fishing, and kayaking. Legoland is a Winter Haven FL theme park that serves as a major tourist attraction.


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