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Why and How to Start Up a Saltwater Swimming Pool

Making the choice to switch to the benefits of a saltwater pool is about as easy as the steps for how to start up a saltwater swimming pool. If you... Read more

How To Save Money on Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a pool isn’t cheap. You don’t have to choose between a clean pool and pinching pennies. You can keep your pool sparkling and cut down on your maintenance costs.... Read more

Why There’s Sand in Your Pool and How to Get it Out

The only place sand is welcome is on a beach. When you find it on the bottom of your pool, the first question is, “Where did it come from?” The... Read more

Which Pool Supplies Do You Need When You Buy a Pool?

Congratulations on your new swimming pool! There are certain pool supplies all pool owners need for proper pool care. Even if you plan to use the trusted services of Pool... Read more

Should I Drain My Pool And Start Over

Balancing pool water can be challenging, especially for new pool owners. Draining your pool and refilling it might seem like the best option if you’re tired of dealing with chronic... Read more

Tips for Winterizing Your Pool & Spa to Prevent Freeze Damage

Winter is quickly approaching, and it’s good to plan the steps you will take for winterizing your pool and spa to avoid freeze damage. Swimming pool equipment includes many intricate... Read more

What Affect Does Rain Have on Pool Water?

It’s hurricane season here in Florida. The heavy rains during this time of year can be hard on your pool! Rainwater in the U.S. is acidic. While it isn’t caustic... Read more

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Every Day?

The more you understand about various options related to running your pool pump, the more money you can save. Running the pump daily is a must but running it nonstop... Read more

How to Maintain a Saltwater Swimming Pool

Saltwater pools aren’t just easier on your skin and hair; they are also easier to maintain compared to chlorine pools. With a saltwater pool, you don’t have to worry about... Read more

Best Strategies to Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

If you are interested in cutting monthly energy costs, taking steps to maintain an energy-efficient pool is an excellent start. As a bonus, you will help the environment by reducing... Read more

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