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What to do if your Vinyl Pool Liner is Wrinkled

Vinyl pool liners are invaluable. They prevent leaks, beautify the pool and prevent mold and algae growth but one problem you may be familiar with is wrinkles. You don’t have to be obsessive-compulsive to be concerned about the wrinkles in your pool, besides being unattractive they can be the site of future damage.

If you’ve noticed wrinkles from the time of installation it is likely that the liner was improperly measured. If the liner size used was too big then wrinkling would likely occur as the material folds over itself.

Winter Pool Liner in Lakeland FLOther causes for a wrinkled pool liner

Water temperature – when the water is cold the vinyl will harden which can cause wrinkles.

Tears in the liner – small tears or leaks causes water to seep underneath the liner so that the liner bunches up in places.

Chemicals that have not dissolved –if granular pool chemicals such as chlorine tablets do not dissolve they can cause the liner to crumple.

Water PH – Shrinkage can occur with the water is too acidic, this typically happens when the pool water stays below 7.0 frequently.

Losing water – when water is lost the vinyl liner contracts
Excess water – If you’ve had more rain than usual and the soil around your pool is saturated, water may bulge under the liner, and then when the water recedes, wrinkles are left behind.

3 Ways to fix vinyl pool liner wrinkles

Heat the water – as stated above colder water can cause wrinkles so simply increasing the pool temperature could solve your problems

Adjust the liner – This may be harder than it sounds. The pool has to be drained to at least 4 inches. Once the pool has been drained you can pull and adjust the liner so that it tightens, smoothing out the wrinkles. Then refill the pool.

Walk on the liner – An easy fix if the pool has been sitting with little water, is to empty the water there is and replace it with clean water. Use bare feet or soft-soled shoes to walk across the liner, stretching it as the pool refills.

Wrinkles in your vinyl liner can be an annoyance and can also cause problems in the long run so if you find yourself often fighting wrinkles this could be pointing to a bigger problem that requires a professional. Not every fix needs professional help but if you’ve tried all the little ways to fix the problem it may be time to replace the liner.

Skilled Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Technicians, Lakeland FLSkilled Pool Professionals

It is very important to find a skilled pool professional who has experience with installing pool liners. The wrong measurements and improper installation could mean that you would end up with the same problem and be back to square one.

If you need help repairing or reinstalling your pool liner, call the professionals here at Pool Works. We have over 30 years of experience and take pride in our customer service. Call us at (863) 967-2863 today!

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