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When Is A Good Time To Close My Pool?

Once the kids are back in school and the weather starts to change, your pool probably sits empty most if not all of the time. Should you go ahead and close it right away or is there a “right” time to check this off your to-do list? After all, with the various other items on the honey-do list, the busy homeowner has quite a bit to take care of for their seasonal maintenance. So when is a good time to close your pool for the year?

Checking Pool Water Temps, Lakeland FL

Is there such a thing as “too early”?

The team at Pool Works Pools and Spas gets asked this question often. The answer is, surprisingly, “Yes!”.

Adding chemicals and closing the pool while the outside temperature and water in the pool are still warm results in the chemicals being used more quickly. This, in turn, causes them to lose their effectiveness and allows organisms in the water to grow and multiply.

Waiting to close your pool until the water is consistently below 60ºF prevents algae and microorganisms from growing and causing a much bigger problem next season.

But also, don’t wait too late!

Weather can sometimes be unpredictable, especially in autumn. One week, it’s 85 degrees, and the next week it’s 55 and everyone is wearing hoodies. So on the other hand, it is also possible to wait too long. If temperatures drop below freezing before you close your pool, you run the risk of freezing lines and pumps, causing major problems for you when it’s time to open it the following season.

Water temperature

As we mentioned above, once the water temperature in your pool stays below 60ºF consistently, you can begin the closing process. The last thing you want to have to happen is to close it while the water is still too warm, then open your pool cover next season to find it full of green sludge.

Pool Closed for Winter, Winter Haven FLThe next steps

Once your pool reaches this temperature-based milestone, there are several important next steps to take care of. Those involve clearing standing water from the lines, pumps, and water heater. After that, you’ll want to install a leaf cover and a safety cover.

Notice we didn’t list fully draining the pool in this list. Instead, we recommend draining enough water so that your water line is below the skimmer only. Fully draining your pool can result in shifting due to the freeze-thaw cycle we experience in the winter.

Work with the experts who will help you decide on a good time to close your pool Closing your pool for the season is essential as is ensuring you do it correctly and at the proper time. Failing to do this can cause damage or sanitation issues that will be a pain to deal with when it comes to opening your pool next year.

Again, the most important first step when asking yourself “when is a good time to close my pool for the year?” is based on the water temperature. Simply put, close your pool once the air is cooler and your water temp has dropped below 60ºF.

You can also work with a team of experts who will help you close your pool the right way and at the right time. Contact Pool Works Pools and Spas by calling 863-967-2863 or send us a message for service via our website/

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