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Fall Pool Maintenance

Although our weather during this time of year sometimes lends itself to continued use of our pools, fall is officially here. That means it’s time for your annual fall pool maintenance. After all, you’ll eventually need to close down your pool for the season. These are our favorite tips to make that process a breeze for you this year.

Pool Cleaning Lake Wales, FLRemove all leaves and debris

Leaves and other debris should always be removed before you close your pool for the season. While this is a year-round task, it’s especially important to get all of this yard waste out of your pool before winter shows up. Otherwise, these will contribute to algae growth as well as lead to stains on your pool walls.

Prep your filter

As with any other filter, your pool filter will need service as a part of a fall pool maintenance checklist. If you have a cartridge-based filter, replace it. If you have a sand-based system, be sure to properly backwash it.

Make adjustments to your pump

Keep an eye on the weather. As it gradually cools, you will want to reduce the hours that your pump runs each day. A good rule of thumb is that your pump will run for one hour for every ten degrees of temperature. In addition, you may need to adjust the chemical makeup within your pool as the weather shifts this season.

Perform seasonal repairs

Did you notice any cracks or problems with your deck this season? Fall pool maintenance includes fixing these issues. Otherwise, if left as is, this will allow for additional moisture buildup (and additional deterioration) of your decking materials. Furthermore, if there are any problems or notable damage with your pool itself, the fall is a great time to address these issues.

Shock it

Once you’ve performed the above tasks, another good idea to get your pool ready for the offseason is to shock it. This is essentially a chemical overload that kills any algae or bacterial buildup within your pool. Shocking your pool means that you shouldn’t use it, so this is something you would do as you’re getting close to our next tip…

Cover it up

…which is to cover it up. Covering your pool during the offseason is wise for several reasons. One, once your fall pool maintenance checklist is complete, you don’t want to have to repeat it. Covering it protects your time and effort. In addition, covering your pool helps to reduce evaporation, effectively saving you money in the long run. Finally, covering it up keeps both your family and others safe when your pool is not being used.

Pool Services Haines City, FLSchedule a pool cleaning

This is possibly the most important tip we have today. A deep cleaning, which includes testing and balancing your water, sanitization, general maintenance of your movable parts, and cleaning the walls as well as surrounding tile is a great fall pool maintenance task. Our team can do all of these and more for you, ensuring that your pool is fully prepped for fall.

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