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Winter Pool Maintenance: The Florida Way    

pool cover and service in lakeland flTending to winter maintenance can make a big difference in the lifespan of your pool and equipment, whether you live in Florida or a colder climate. Steps in prevention can keep your equipment from becoming damaged by contaminated water or freezing conditions. You’ll save money in the long run by taking care of your pool throughout the off season. Between cutting costs and preventing problems, winterizing will make pool opening in spring go much more smoothly. The winter issues in Florida may not be as invasive as they are elsewhere, but pool care still needs to be considered during occasional freezes and throughout down time.

Pool Cover

It’s essential to use a pool cover in winter. A cover is helpful in any season, but the reasons differ in several ways between summer and winter. In winter, a pool cover offers the essential benefit of keeping out debris from the yard, such as twigs, leaves, other debris, and small animals. Debris that accumulates on the pool cover needs to be removed periodically. Otherwise, the cover can become torn. Leaves may not seem like a problem, but wet leaves become heavy and can cause damage.

Above-ground pool

Securely attach your winter pool cover to your above-ground pool. This may involve securing cover clips, tightening a cable, or inflating an air pillow.

Inground pool

If you have an inground pool, secure the winter pool cover by making sure safety components such as bags or blocks are securely in place.

Pool Chemistry in Winter

Few pool owners drain their pools entirely in winter. The water that remains needs to be balanced with the right chemicals so that pool water is clean. Opening a pool in spring is much more difficult if you have to deal with such things as waterlines and green water caused by bacteria and algae. If the pool water doesn’t have the right balance of chemicals, the result will be algae growth, which leads to bacteria growth. More tips involving chemistry follow:

· Pool chemicals lose their potency over time, which is why all pool chemicals from the last swimming season need to be thrown out.

· Prevent a waterline ring from forming around your pool by using an enzyme product, which will break down contaminants of the non-living variety. You will save yourself the hassle of having to scrub your finish or pool tile in spring, with this pool winterizing step.

Pool Parts and Equipment

gas pool heater installationFlorida is no different from frigid climates when it comes to maintaining your pool during the winter season, no matter how mild. To keep everything running so that the pool is ready in spring, periodic maintenance is important. Pool parts maintenance in winter should include the following:

· Periodically check the pool heater, filter, and pool pump. Make sure parts are in good working condition. This type of ongoing maintenance prevents much more costly repairs in the future.

· Make sure excess water has been removed from your pool parts. This becomes especially important when it freezes, since the water can cause pipes to crack.

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On occasions when there’s a freeze, the most important step is making sure there’s no water in the pump, heater, or filter, as mentioned above. It does no harm for water to freeze across the surface, but the equipment needs to be made ready, to avoid the expense of freeze damage. If you have any questions or need help with pool winterizing or any other pool matters, feel free to contact the pool experts at Pool Works. We’re glad to help, no matter the season.

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