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Pool Services In Plant City, FL

Pool Works is the most trusted pool cleaning company among homeowners in Plant City FL, Haines City FL, Bartow FL, Auburndale FL, Lake Wales FL, and throughout Polk County.

plant city pool service expertsFor more than 25 years, Pool Works has provided exceptional pool cleaning services to homeowners in Plant City FL and nearby cities of Lakeland FL, Haines City FL, Winter Haven FL, and Bartow FL, as well as Polk County. We have earned a reputation for dealing honestly with clients and providing reliable pool and spa cleaning services, pool maintenance, and pool repair.

Pool Works service trucks are easy to spot traveling in Plant City FL, on streets such as E Reynolds Street, North and South Collins Streets, Wilder Park Drive, and Henderson Way. Our skilled technicians travel in our white, brightly marked trucks en route to customers’ homes, to perform top quality pool and spa cleaning services, pool repair, pool maintenance, and other pool services.

Pool Cleaning Services in Plant City FL

Pool Works is a family-owned, third-generation business specializing in providing the best pool cleaning services in Plant City FL. Our pool technicians are all background-tested, drug-tested, insured, licensed, and certified. Because of their ongoing training, including factory training, our technicians are uniquely qualified to provide expert pool maintenance services.

The following are among the pool cleaning tasks performed, when you rely on Pool Works for weekly and bi-weekly services:

  • Check the pool equipment
  • Brush the pool walls, tile line, steps, etc.
  • Water skimming
  • Vacuum
  • Inspect the pump and filter
  • Check the chemical levels in the water
  • Add sanitizers, as needed
  • Ensure proper pool level
  • Backwash or clean the filter, as needed
  • Lubricate O Rings, when needed
  • Check automation and/or salt system, making any needed adjustments

Your Plant City FL pool and spa will stay in top condition, when you rely on Pool Works for professional pool cleaning and maintenance services.

The Importance of Proper Pool Cleaning

A swimming pool is an asset that comes with responsibilities. Weekly cleaning is important because it takes very little time for algae to begin growing in a pool, and algae creates thriving conditions for harmful bacteria. When pool cleaning isn’t done properly, the water can be hazardous for swimmers and pool equipment can be damaged.

The task of manually brushing the pool surfaces needs to be done weekly. Areas that need to be brushed include the wall, tile line, steps and stairs, crevices, corners, and behind ladders. When the pool isn’t brushed regularly, it’s much easier for algae to develop and for bacteria to contaminate the pool.

Keeping the right balance of chlorine, pH, and alkalinity involves frequent testing of the water and making adjustments to the chemicals. When any of these chemicals don’t have the right balance, the water becomes hazardous for swimmers and pool equipment can be damaged.

great pool care services in plant cityPool Services Plant City FL

At Pool Works, we specialize in professional pool cleaning services. Our expert technicians also provide pool maintenance services, leak detection, pool repair, and pool remodeling services. When you schedule ongoing maintenance, we will assign the same technician to handle your pool cleaning services weekly. Pool Works technicians are neatly uniformed and reliable, and they always travel in our well-recognized service trucks.

About Plant City FL

Plant City FL is in the approximate center of the Florida peninsula and has many attractions of interest to tourists and local residents. In Plant City, you can visit Robert W. Willaford Railroad Museum, Edward Medard Regional Park, Dinosaur World, and Lower Green Swamp Reserve, to name a few of the many interesting things to do. Plant City was named for Henry B. Plant, a prominent railroad developer. The city is known as the winter strawberry capital of the world. The Florida Strawberry Festival is hosted in Plant City annually, in late winter.

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