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Summer Safety Checklist for Pool and Spa Owners

number 1 in pool safety lakeland fl A swimming pool is perfect for serious summer fun. A pool also happens to be a serious safety hazard. Ensuring that the joys of splashing and swimming aren’t turned into tragedy means putting safety first. Homeowners who follow all of the basic safety precautions help prevent fatal and non-fatal drownings. When a new, busy swim season begins, pool and spa owners can follow the summer safety checklists below for safety and peace of mind.

Swimming Pool Barrier Checklist

A fundamental safety aspect of owning a pool is preventing children from gaining unsupervised access. It’s essential to maintain the recommended barrier that prevents children from getting to the water. Power safety covers over the pool and/or spa are also lifesaving measures. The following are details about minimal safety requirements for a pool barrier:

o   The barrier must surround the pool entirely.

o   The barrier must be at least 4 feet high.

o   There must be a self-closing, self-latching gate that opens out from the pool.

o   There should not be objects near the pool that are climbable that could enable children to sneak into the pool area. Examples are trees, chairs, pot plants, barbeque pits, and ladders.

o   If your house serves as one side of the surrounding pool barrier, install a door or pool alarm.

o   If you use a portable pool, keep it fenced, as well, unless you cover it, empty it, or store it when not being used.

o   An above-ground pool must also have a barrier surrounding it or the ladder can be locked, secured, or removed when the pool is not in use.

Another safety consideration, if you have children, is that other people may have a pool but not have an appropriate barrier in place. It’s perfectly appropriate to ask neighbors to have the required barrier put in place, for the safety of your own loved ones. These are legal requirements for pool and spa owners. You may want to check your local or state codes, to find out whether there are other safety requirements where you live.

Another Helpful Pool Safety Checklist

There are many more things to consider for pool safety, in addition to maintaining a barrier. The following checklist includes a range of tips and suggestions, to make the pool a safe place for the entire family:

o   Always remove toys from the pool and the pool area after use.

o   Stay within arm’s reach of children age 5 and under, whenever swimming.

o   Adults should always supervise when children are in a pool; never leave children in charge as pool supervisor, not even for a short time.

o   When there is a gathering at the pool, be certain there is always at least one adult specifically designated to supervise the children in the pool.

o   Be sure the suction fittings and plumbing covers are securely in place and in good condition.

o   Make sure all supervising adults and pool users know how to switch off the pool or spa pump system, in case an emergency arises.

o   When swimming, always have someone present who knows how to perform CPR.

o   Make sure pool chemicals are not accessible to children; they are extremely toxic.

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pool safety experts of lakelandKeeping your pool clean is another way to stay safe. Enjoy a stress-free swim season! Contact the experts at Pool Works Pools & Spas for the best in pool cleaning and pool maintenance services.

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