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Pool Services In Haines City, FL

Pool Works is considered the best pool cleaning company among pool owners in Haines City FL, Winter Haven FL, Auburndale FL, Bartow FL, and throughout Polk County FL.

haines city fl great pool servicePool Works is a third-generation business providing exceptional pool cleaning services for homeowners in Haines City FL as well as nearby cities of Lake Wales FL, Cypress Gardens FL, Winter Haven FL, Auburndale FL, and Lakeland FL. For more than 25 years, we have been dedicated to providing top quality pool cleaning services. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can sit back and enjoy their pools, virtually hassle-free.

We have more than 40 service trucks that are often seen traveling on Railroad Avenue, N 30th Street, Baker Dairy Road, Bates Road, and throughout Haines City FL. The fully trained pool technicians in our white, brightly marked service trucks perform all of the needed tasks for pool cleaning, pool repair, and pool maintenance week after week, year around.

Pool Cleaning Services in Haines City FL

For pool and spa cleaning services, Pool Works is most trusted among homeowners in Haines City FL. Our reputation for honest dealings and reliability are among the reasons our family-owned company has grown steadily through the years. We are also dedicated to providing unbeatable customer service, and our goal is for pool owners to be able to relax and enjoy their pools while we do the work of continuing maintenance.

The following weekly and bi-weekly pool cleaning services are performed by our skilled pool technicians year-around:

  • Test the water to determine if an adjustment is needed in chemicals
  • Brush the pool steps, tile line, walls, and more
  • Water skimming
  • Check pool equipment
  • Vacuum the floor of the pool
  • Ensure proper pool level
  • Inspect the filter and pool pump
  • Clean the filter, as needed
  • Lubricate O rings, when needed

With professional pool cleaning and maintenance services from Pool Works, your pool and spa in Haines City FL will be kept in top condition and the pristine pool water kept ready for swimmers.

The Importance of Proper Pool Cleaning

A healthy environment for swimming doesn’t happen automatically in a pool, not by a long shot. Even though things have gotten easier through continued improvements in pool maintenance innovation, weekly manual labor is still required to keep a pool clean and properly maintained. If certain mistakes are made or if maintenance is neglected, the results can be hazardous and/or costly.

Every week, the pool needs to be brushed with a pool brush that is also properly maintained. It’s important to brush the walls, on pool steps and stairs, behind ladders, in crevices, and in corners. This is an aspect of weekly pool cleaning that is usually the most time-consuming. Brushing the pool is part of the large task of keeping out algae and harmful bacteria that thrive in a pool containing algae.

Pool chemicals need to be kept at the right balance. Chlorine is essential to kill algae and bacteria. Too much chlorine, however, is harmful and sometimes hazardous to swimmers. The pH balance shouldn’t be too low because when it is, the water is acidic and can wreak havoc on all of your major pool system components, including the pool pump, pool filter, and heater. Alkalinity is also routinely tested because it is a needed component to provide pH balance stability.

pool services at its best in haines city fl Pool Services Haines City FL

At Pool Works, we specialize in providing the best pool and spa cleaning services to homeowners in Haines City FL. We also provide pool maintenance, pool repairs, pool supplies, pool remodeling, and pool renovation. We have learned through the years what our customers’ greatest concerns are. For the safety and assurance of our clients, our pool technicians are all background-checked and drug-tested. In addition, they are fully qualified because they are licensed, insured, and certified. All of our technicians receive ongoing training, including factory training.

About Haines City FL

There are plenty of great things for tourists and residents to do in Haines City FL. Favorite activities include visiting Lake Eva Park, Ridge Island Groves, Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, and Haines City Community Theater. Golfing is another top activity in Haines City FL. Just outside of Haines City, you can visit LEGOLAND Florida, which is an interactive theme park, and Fantasy of Flight, which is a vintage aircraft museum.


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