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How to Have a Swimming Pool Free of Water Bugs

pool service preventing bugs in lakeland fl A swimming pool has such wonderful appeal in summer. Unfortunately, lots of other creatures are irresistibly drawn to a pool. It can be really frustrating to encounter bugs the entire time you’re trying to swim and enjoy the refreshing water. Bees, spiders, and beetles may all make themselves at home. There are things you can do to discourage insects, but there are two types of bugs that usually give pool owners the biggest fight for a clean pool. They are both water bugs, and they are notorious for invading swimming pools in South Florida. They are called boatmen and backswimmers, and tips for getting rid of them and keeping them away follow.  

About Boatmen and Backswimmers

The water bug you definitely don’t want to encounter is the backswimmer. This is the larger of the two water bugs. It has legs much like beetles. The backswimmer’s front mandibles are used to pierce prey such as boatmen, tadpoles, and other small organisms and suck their insides out. The most telling trait is that a backswimmer zips upside-down across a pool surface. And be careful! These bugs will bite you, and it feels much like the sting of a bee.

Boatmen fly and are about a quarter inch long. They are thin and have a grayish-brown body. Their legs at the rear are long and flattened, which helps to quickly propel them through water. The rear legs are also fringed with hair, which aids in staying afloat. These unwelcome bugs are usually seen underwater, but they breathe air and can drown. They feed on microscopic life such as pool algae, mosquito larvae, and dead organic matter and often lay eggs in algae. These bugs also make excellent fishing bait.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs

The most effective way to get rid of pesky water bugs is to make sure they have nothing to eat in your swimming pool. Targeting algae is a winning strategy because boatmen eat algae and backswimmers feed on boatmen. The following are tips for getting rid of pool algae:

·      Brush the pool walls, to get rid of algae growth.

·      Skim the pool.

·      Vacuum the floor and walls of the pool.

·      Shock the pool to eliminate algae altogether.

·      After shocking the pool, brush the walls again, vacuum, and skim the pool. Between these things and your filtration system, you should get rid of the dead algae and the bugs.

How to Keep Water Bugs Away

best pool service keeping bugs out lakeland flWith the food source of the boatmen gone, it’s important to be diligent about preventing the return of algae. Maintaining the proper chemical levels is essential. You can use algaecide, to discourage algae growth, as well. Keeping circulation going in your pool is also critical, to prevent algae from thriving. When you see small bugs in your pool, fish them out with a dip net, so that they don’t attract backswimmers.

Help from Pool Works

Keep your pool in top shape by relying on the professionals at Pool Works for pool cleaning and maintenance. With their expert services, water bugs won’t have a reason to be attracted to your pool.

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