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A Pool Secret with Benefits: Shower Before Swimming

professional pool services of lakelandMany people mistakenly believe that showering before entering a swimming pool is “old school,” but that’s not the case at all. There are tremendous benefits when swimmers take a shower before jumping in. Although public pools are known for posting a “Shower before Entering” rule, the same requirement is advantageous for private pools, as well. If the directive is strictly followed, your swimming pool will stay a lot cleaner and healthier. Below are among the benefits of requiring a thorough shower before swimming.

Keep out impurities

The purpose of a good shower with soap before getting in the pool is to remove matter off of the body so that it does not enter the pool. Perspiration, body lotion, oils, make-up, and traces of feces and urine contaminate a swimming pool. When these organic compounds mix with the chlorinated pool water, a reaction occurs. The result is a less healthy pool that will take on a much stronger smell of chlorine. When a pool is well-managed and swimmers shower before getting in, the water doesn’t have a strong chemical smell.

Help prevent waterborne illnesses

When a pool becomes contaminated with above-mentioned human waste, there is an increased risk that swimmers will contract waterborne diseases. It’s actually very common for swimmers to develop illnesses due to swimming in unhealthy pool water. The waterborne diseases swimmers most frequently suffer from are swimmer’s ear, skin infections, and diarrhea.

Minimize the strong chemical chlorine smell

Another misconception about pools is that a pool that smells of chlorine is cleaner than one that doesn’t, but the opposite is true. When chlorine smells to the point of being irritating, it means that the pool contains a lot of contaminants. Eye and skin irritation often occur as a result of the strong chlorine. With prolonged exposure, it’s possible to develop asthma. When swimmers take a shower before getting in the pool, they are helping to ensure that the water is clean and has an imperceptible chlorine odor.

Reduces costs of pool maintenance

Chlorine is in a pool for the basic purpose of sanitizing it. Eliminating the introduction of contaminants into a pool by showering is an excellent way to ensure that the chlorine can do its job without costly adjustments. By enforcing a shower-before-swimming rule, chemical costs of keeping a pool clean can be reduced by up to 50%, some studies show.

Prolongs the life of pool equipment

All pool components work harder when a pool contains contaminants. Pool pumps and pool filters don’t have to work so hard to keep the water clean, with proper contaminant control. The job of maintenance is easier, too, when the water stays clean and healthy. Reducing overall pool operating costs is just one more perk to be enjoyed by requiring showers.

Bonus tip: No peeing in the pool

Children and adults alike often don’t understand what a problem peeing in a pool really is. It creates a poor health situation in the water. It introduces more contaminates into the pool, and the chlorine smell worsens even more. This should be obvious, since one of the benefits of a shower is that it washes off traces of urine and feces. Peeing in the pool is more than just a health hazard that throws off the chemical balance in the pool – it’s just plain gross.

Enjoy a clean pool

lakeland fl pool cleaning mastersA rule like always showering well before getting into a pool is a really good one that benefits everybody. Clean water is more fun, and it reduces the chances that someone will suffer from a waterborne illness. Get your “Shower Before Swimming, Please” sign hung today. For pool cleaning and all pool services, contact the friendly experts at Pool Works.

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