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Pool Opening Checklist

lakelands trusted pool prosHas the warmer South Florida spring or summer weather signaled that it’s time to get your pool ready for the beginning of a long splash season? Pool Works can handle all of your pool and spa needs, to avoid making pool opening errors. Some steps in pool prep are outside the usual routine of professional pool maintenance, and you will want to take care of those yourself. See below for a comprehensive list of all recommended actions for a proper pool opening.

Pool Opening Checklist

Get pool season kicked off right. The following checklist provides you with everything you need to know for a grand pool opening. Many steps are important because they help to ensure that you are not over stressing your pool equipment or minimizing its lifespan.

o   First of all, clean your pool deck. By clearing off months of debris all around your pool, you keep it all from ending up inside your pool.

o   Of course, there are different kinds of pool covers. Take your time removing it so that you don’t compound your pool cleaning chore. If your pool cover will be folded and stored away, lay it out on the deck and clean each section before folding it up. Invest in a safety cover bag, if you don’t have one. This will prevent unwanted surprises later, like discovering the critters have burrowed inside and caused damage.

o   Refill the pool water as you’re working on the pool cover or perhaps even while cleaning your deck. The urgency of the refill depends on how much water is needed so that it’s not too low for the skimmer.

o   If you’ve used cover water bags to close safety gaps, cleaning them could help ensure you can get more seasons of use out of them. If they have been in use for a long off-season, they can become extremely slimy. Lay them out, preferably on a sloped surface. Spray and scrub them till clean. Before folding or storing them away, let them dry out. Use a vinyl patch kit, if holes need to be patched.

o   Screw down brass anchors that have held your safety pool cover in place, to ensure no one stubs their toes on them.

o   Pull out all winter freeze plugs – do a count to be sure none are missed. You could damage your plumbing when the filter and pump get started if all of the plugs aren’t removed.

o   Open all valves to avoid such mishaps as an airborne filter lid or dealing with a pump that won’t prime.

o   If there is a pump basket, lock it in place with the locking tab inside. Secure drain plugs on your pump, if they need to be put back in place. Remove and replace old Teflon tape with new. Use a rag to clean and the use a Teflon pool lube to lubricate the pump lid o-ring. After the pump has been filled with water, ensure the lid is tightened down well.

o   Put the drain plug or drain cap and pressure gauge back in place.

o   Keep the pool filter system running around the clock until the pool water is back to being sparkling clean.

o   Be certain that you first balance pH and alkalinity, before shocking the pool.

o   Ensure proper levels of calcium and cyanuric acid, as well, before adding chlorine.

o   Don’t rush the remaining process with the chemicals. 1st Day: Shock the pool.  2nd: Add Clarifier. 3rd: Add stain and scale treatment. 4th: Add algaecide.

o   Closely monitor chemical levels.

o   Vacuum the pool, setting your multi-port valve to “waste.”

o   Brush the walls, tile, steps, and floors.

o   If you have a salt system, chemical feeder, or floater, it’s time to add chlorine.

the best in pool maintenance and pool cleaning lakeland flJump on in!

These steps will get take care of algae and clear the way for a great summer of swim. Be sure to contact the professionals at Pool Works for all things related to your pool and spa. Visit our store for the pool products you need.

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