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Is my Pool Leaking? If so, what Might Be the Cause?

leaky pool repairs in lakeland flThe answer to whether or not your pool is leaking can be fairly simple to answer. Determining the cause of a leak, on the other hand, often requires the help of a leak detection specialist. The following are a few potentially cost-saving suggestions and answers that can help you as a pool owner maneuver through the ordeal of having a leaky pool.

How to tell if your pool is leaking

It’s natural for pool water to evaporate at the rate of 1” to 1.5” per week. Some water also splashes-out, and more is lost as backwash wastewater. As a result, adding more water to a pool is routine. If you need to add more than a couple of inches of water weekly, it is probable that your pool has a leak. There is virtually no doubt that, in the long run, you will cut costs by wasting no time in getting the leak fixed.

There is a bucket test that you can do to verify that your pool is leaking, and you can find details on our Leak Detection page. There you will find other signs of a pool or spa leak.

You could figure out that you have a leak because wet areas may develop around the pool and deck. If it isn’t immediately obvious yet you suspect a possible leak because of the water level in your pool, walk around and see if a downhill slope near the pool is wet or if there are eroded areas.

Potential causes of a pool leak

Pools are built to be watertight but many things can happen that result in leaking. Sealants can deteriorate. The pool can shift as it settles, causing damage to the structure. Pools can also leak through plumbing and through any accessories or fittings.

It can be complicated to determine the specific source of a pool leak, which is why pool professionals who specialize in leak detection are much in demand. As an example, a pool may only leak when the equipment is off or when the equipment is on. Knowing this information will help an expert pinpoint the source of the problem.

If your pool leaks doesn’t leak unless the equipment is off, for instance, this suggests that there is a suction-side leak. The solution could be as easy as tightening the pump basket lid with a well-lubricated O-ring.

Vinyl liner pools can sometimes be successfully patched, but there can be complications in recognizing the source of a leak. Note: Old vinyl liners tend to leak easily.

Why it’s important to fix a leaky pool

plant city fl top notch pool repairs and maintenanceWhen a pool is leaking, more water is required to keep the pool at the appropriate level. More chemicals need to be added, as well, to maintain the proper chlorine level and keep the swimming environment safe. More electricity is required to heat a leaky pool. A lot more serious problems may also be occurring. The pool’s structural components could be undermined as the fill dirt supporting the walls of the pool and the deck is washed away.

Contact Pool Works for leak detection services

At Pool Works, we can take care of all of your pool needs. We specialize in pool cleaning and can also help with leak detection and leak repair. Contact us at Pool Works today.

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