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New Energy-Efficient Pool Pump System – Dual or Variable Speed?

What do pool pumps do?

upgrading pool pumps in lakeland fl Pool pumps are absolutely necessary for proper maintenance of a pool, and they serve several purposes. More specifically, the pump is an essential component of pool sanitation. You can get greater longevity from a name brand, quality pump, such as those offered by Pentair and Hayward. The following are among their functions. Pool pumps:

·      Prevent water-borne illness.

·      Create constant motion with circulation, necessary to keep a pool clean.

·      Help keep pools uniform in temperature.

·      Operate in conjunction with filtration, forcing water through the pool filter, which strains out small debris, including hair and dust.

·      Run water features, such as running fountains.

·      Keep bacteria and germs out of your pool.

2-Speed Pool Pumps

A dual-speed or 2-speed pool pump saves money because the pump doesn’t have to run at full capacity constantly. The capability of running at a lower speed means less energy is used to operate it. A 2-speed pump allows you to run the pump at a low speed for 8 to 16 hours and at high speed for just 4 to 8 hours. Obviously, that’s a huge difference compared to full speed 24-7. The following are more benefits of a dual speed pump:

·      The increased turnover of the pool water means the pool stays cleaner and healthier.

·      There is less demand for adding additional chemicals because there is more efficiency in the filtration system.

·      Temperature and chemicals are mixed evenly throughout the pool.

·      You pay less for both utility costs and chemicals.

Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

Variable speed pool pumps are much more expensive upfront. However, they are smart pumps that operate with far greater efficiency. Your cost of purchase can potentially be covered by utility savings in about 12 to 18 months. From there, your return on investment adds up. The following are some of the benefits of buying a Hayward variable-speed pool pump or a Pentair variable speed pump:

·      The pump operates very quietly, improving the pool-side environment.

·      At every speed, variable-speed pumps are more energy-efficient.

·      The heavy-duty motors deliver cool operation, as well as being quiet and efficient.

·      Pool safety can be increased, since these pumps have a safety vacuum release that kicks in if the pump senses something is blocking or stuck to the pool drain. This means that a person who gets suctioned into a pool drain will be released fairly quickly.

·      They are fully automated.

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