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How to Manually Vacuum an In-Ground Pool

great automatic pool vacuums in lakeland fl For a swimming pool that stays sparkling clean, it’s necessary to utilize a variety of cleaning methods. Chemical balance, the pool circulation and filtration system, strainer baskets, and skimmer nets combined take care of all but the bottom of the pool. Vacuuming is usually required to remove the dirt and contaminants that collect on the pool floor.

Benefits of automatic pool vacuums

There are three primary types of automatic pool cleaners, those being a suction side pool cleaner, a pressure side pool cleaner, and a robotic pool cleaner. Each type has a unique set of benefits. These are all excellent tools to keep your pool its cleanest while you relax and enjoy swimming. They also help other pool components last longer. The pump and filters stay cleaner, and automatic pool cleaners help to improve circulation of the pool water.

Sometimes manual vacuuming is needed, which requires some elbow grease. It’s far simpler to leave manual vacuuming to professional pool cleaners. For do-it-yourself manual pool vacuuming, the following tips can help.

What is needed for vacuuming a pool manually

The equipment needed to vacuum a pool manually includes the following:

·      A vacuum head, also known as the vac head

·      A telescopic pole

·      A vacuum hose that has enough length to reach all areas of the pool

·      You may or may not use a vacuum plate or skim vac

Assembly of the parts of the manual pool vacuum follows:

1.    Attach the vacuum head to the telescopic pole.

2.    Attach the hose to the top of the vacuum head. Sometimes a hose clamp is needed, to prevent the hose from frequently becoming disconnected.

3.    Next, the vac head is placed at the bottom of the pool with the pole and hose.

4.    Keep the pool pump and filter running, and put the other end of the vacuum hose against a return jet inside the pool. The purpose is to get air out of the hose by pushing water through it. You’ll see bubbles coming out of the vac head. When there are no more bubbles, it means the hose has no more air, which is an important step.

5.    If you are not using a vacuum plate, the skimmer basket should be removed. Take the hose that is still filled with water, place your hand over the end, and then insert the hose into the suction hole at the bottom of the skinner. If you are using a vac plate, attach it to the end of the hose that was previously against the return jet, block the opening so that it is still filled with water, and attach it to the skimmer with a good seal, so that suction is not lost.

6.    If suction of the vacuum becomes lost, repeat the last two steps.

The secret to manual pool vacuuming

lakeland fl amazing automatic pool cleanersOnce the vacuum is assembled, all that’s left is the work of vacuuming up debris. The secret to doing a good job of manually vacuuming a pool is patience. It’s not a job to be done quickly. Rushing the work tends to stir up debris, creating the need for an additional vacuuming session.

Vacuuming is an essential step in maintaining a crystal clear swimming pool. Be sure to call the reliable experts at Pool Works for high quality, affordable pool cleaning services, including manual vacuuming.

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