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The Importance of Swimming in Clean Pool Water

keep your pool clean in lake wales flAny swimming pool owner can vouch for the fact that keeping pool water clean is a task that requires unrelenting devotion. It doesn’t take much neglect for the water to begin looking murky. But is it really all that big a deal to have clean water to swim in? Or is it just a matter of pride, like making sure a car isn’t too caked with dirt? The reality is that an unkempt pool can lead to exposure to illness, skin rashes, and other discomforts.

Hazards of Dirty Pool Water

There are many rules in hygiene that are widely understood. The cleanliness of pool water is usually a very misunderstood issue, however. An unpleasant reality is that when people get into swimming pools, if they haven’t had a good soapy shower just beforehand, all sort of contaminants can be introduced into the water. Body lotion, oils, shampoo, and sunscreen either remove or absorb the germ-killing chlorine in the water.

But there’s more. It is common that there are traces of residual feces on just about everyone who gets into a pool. Children, as a general rule, tend to have significantly more fecal matter on their person than adults. The undeniable presence of poop introduces hazardous pathogens into the water, including E. coli and hepatitis A. When we dip our heads in contaminated water, we are exposed to many potential diseases. It is also normal for adults and children to get some amount of pool water into their mouths. This increases the danger of getting sick from swimming in unsanitary pool water.

Urine in itself is not considered dangerous. It has the effect, however, of depleting the chlorine concentration.

How to Tell if the Pool Water is Safe and Clean

Before jumping or wading into a pool, take a good look at the water’s color and texture. The water should be clear enough to distinguish underwater objects, such as metal gratings on the pool floor, through 10 feet of water. If the edge of the pool has bubbly or foamy water, it could be a sign of trouble. It usually means that there is an excess amount of organic matter in the pool, such as bacteria or pollen.

Tips on Keeping Pool Water Clean

In the U.S., people seldom shower before swimming in a private pool. Although it is considered an outdated or unnecessary practice, showering is actually very important. It’s reasonable to think of swimming as jumping into a giant bathtub filled with dirty bodies, if swimmers aren’t showering before they swim. See this tip and more, to keep your pool water clean:

plant city fl pool service vacuum cleaning

· Require swimmers to shower before jumping in.

· Schedule professional pool cleaning services.

· Maintain the proper chemical balance in the pool. When there is an increase in the number of swimmers, more chlorine is usually needed.

· Remove any organic contaminants that enter the pool as soon as possible, including insects, debris, and animal fur.

· Install a robotic pool cleaning system.

· Before introducing pool floats and toys into a pool, rinse them with a hose first.

· Ask swimmers to rinse off dirty feet before entering or re-entering the pool.

Who to Call for a Clean Pool

For expert help from highly trained technicians, contact the professionals at Pool Works. We love cleaning pools. With weekly maintenance year-around, you can be assured that your pool is clean and safe to swim in at virtually any time.

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