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A Guide to Florida Winter Pool Maintenance

Steps in Florida winter pool maintenance are much different than what is needed for colder climates but taking proper steps for the season helps keep pools in great shape. Unless you are heating your pool for year-round swimming, follow the Florida winter pool maintenance steps below to make sure your pool is ready for the soon return of warmer weather.

swimming pool cleaning, lakeland flMaintain a Cleaning Routine

Although you may take a break from swimming, the filter continues to need cleaning. Vacuuming should also go on as usual. Every few days, empty debris traps. This will help to prevent rubbish such as leaves from clogging up the filtration system in your pool.

Keep the Water Chemicals Balanced

Continue the usual routine of keeping the chemicals in the pool balanced. Check the chemical balance weekly and make needed adjustments. Cooler temperatures do a better job of preserving the elements, and most pool owners find that they use fewer chemicals in wintertime. When the weather dips into the 60-degree range, cut back on the amount of chlorine in the water. In pools with chlorine/salt generators, lower the production percentage.

Run the Pool Pump

It’s fine to reduce the pool pump hours in winter. But to keep algae away, run the pool pump 4 to 6 hours daily. This will also help to protect the plumbing. It’s always important to keep pool water movement to prevent growth of algae. In winter, prevent the water from freezing by running the pump when temperatures get close to the freezing point of 32º F. If the water turns green, shock the pool and increase the use of the pool pump. When there are freeze warnings, keep the pool pump running throughout the night.

Maintain the Proper Water Level

Evaporation of pool water is something to watch out for in winter, the same as in summer. The pool water will evaporate due to colder, drier temperatures and less precipitation. The typical drop in water levels during Florida winters is about 2 inches weekly. Too much water loss in the pool can alter pool chemistry balance and cause component damage. Monitor the water level and refill water to the proper levels whenever necessary. 

install a pool heater, auburndale flInstall a Pool Heater

Florida is a place where pools can be enjoyed throughout the year, though a pool heater is needed. If you have a pool heater already, run it to ensure that it is working properly. Invest in a pool heater if you don’t already have one. Annual operating costs of pool heaters are very low. You should find that, whether you want an electric pool heater, they are priced competitively. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance

If you live in Polk County, Florida, contact Pool Works for expert help keeping your pool in optimal condition in winter. Annual maintenance checks include electrical checkups, chemical balance examinations, filter cleanings, and more. Bringing in pool experts is an easy and safe way to effectively ensure that your pool is in good working order.

Contact Pool Works here or by calling (863) 967-2863 if you have any questions about Florida winter pool maintenance. Pool Works specializes in sparkling clean pools and serves Auburndale FL and all of Polk County.

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